Author Collaborative

In Conversation with Alka Saklani

 Linda Yezak says,

“Action is the pulse of any good story, but the character is the heart. If the action has no consequence to the character, the story loses heart.”

Give me a story with good characters and I’m bound to fall in love with it. This is precisely why one of my favorite genres is thrillers, especially psychological thrillers, which have so many layers to each character. So, when I came to know about one such story penned by an Indian author, I thought, why not?

The book in question is Beyond Lies by Alka Dimri Saklani and I am glad I trusted my instincts around the quality of this book, because it turned to be one of my best reads of 2020. Have a look at my brief review of the book, below.

When I reached out to the author, Alka Dimri, and proposed that she be a part of the Author Collaborative, she didn’t hesitate one bit. As always, before talking to each other, we read each other’s latest books and here’s what Alka had to say about The Art of Being and Other Stories.

After this was done, we had a great chat today evening, about our books and many other things related to our reading and writing.

We first asked each other some questions which required detailed answers. Here’s what I asked Alka.

And, here’s what Alka asked me.

After this, it was time for the fun and spunky rapid fire round. This time my questions were even quirkier than usual.

Alka too asked some sassy questions of her own in the rapid fire round.

Would you like to know our answers to these? Then check out the video below:

Would you like to check out our books? Below links will take you to Amazon India and from where you can buy them:

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