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Like I give a damn: a journey of self discovery by Reecha Agarwal Goel

Book Blurb:

‘Like I give a damn’ is woven of words that are raw, naked and unadulterated. Words that bleed honesty. Words that tell a story of their own. Words that breathe. Words that scream. Words that pain you. Words that make you smile. Words that make you nostalgic. Words that provide you solace. Words that give you strength. Words that live. Words that will live forever!

The book is a collection of modern poetries that revolve around themes of love, relationships,, memories, motherhood, childhood, strength and resilience. The book is special because every piece in the book has been sculpted in the heat of the moment. The emotions inked on the pages are therefore pure, unedited, unvarnished and sincere.

The book is fundamentally a self help book aimed at strengthening the readers.

Genre: Fiction/Poetry

Pages: 137

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 49 INR/$0.99

My Ratings: 4.5/5

With themes around family, relationships, friendship, love, and everyday incidents, the poems in this book make for a relatable and engaging read.

Chuckle, go ‘aww’ or nod away at the poetry in this book.

What I liked about the book:
–> The poems are all good, no doubt. But what I liked are the tiny tales in the form of poetry that pop up in between the poems. I was smiling or chuckling while reading these heartwarming cute little stories.
–> The book makes you feel a range of emotions from happiness to anger.
–> The language used is simple and relatable.

What I did not like about the book:
–> I don’t understand why the book is tagged ‘self-help’
–> A few poems did not appeal to me as much as most others did.

Quotable quotes:

—>she had finally realized she didn’t have to wait for someone to rescue her. that she didn’t really have to be a damsel in distress.
—> the math score,
the weighing scale,
the stock markets
it was time numbers stopped ruling her life.
she took a pen
found comfort in words
—> because in her kind of fairy tales,
the princesses wore faded pyjamas and basic tshirts!
—> “it’s karva chauth. i need to go home early today.”
“”wait!” her friends insisted. you can stay hungry for a couple of
hours more.”
“i can. but he can’t” she smiled.
—> forgive them today
and free my heart
of all the hurt, agonies
and heartaches
i feel light and happy
at least i have not held unto grudges
and wronged myself.
—> let’s go on a trip. to somewhere far and beautiful.”
“making fun of me?” she said as she tried to kick him with her
fractured leg.
“no ” he smiled as he flashed a copy of their favorite book.
some of the most beautiful trips are undertaken without a
or a passport.
—> virtues:delete ‘tolerance’
add‘standing up for one’s rights’
she upgraded her moral dictionary.
—> saree and jeans.
best friends.
friendship didn’t judge!
—> i’ll break your legs if i find your homework incomplete again”,
mom snarls
“she is right”, dad supports.
minutes later, the dad and the daughter duo sneak out for a
football game.
—> good tea
good book
an unexpected compliment
a gush of cool breeze
a hug that lasts
a little longer than the usual
a new thing learnt
a phone call from an old friend
worn out pyjamas
a pair of denims that fit perfectly
an old song that revives old memories
fresh bedsheets and
uninterrupted sleep
happiness doesn’t cost a lot
does it?
—> candles blown out, cake cut.
“who will put cake on my face?” yelled the 61 year old little girl.
—> “how would i know if he’s the one?”
“check his playlist. it will tell you volumes about him!”
and she found herself in his playlist.
—> here it is..”
“i swear it was not here until just a moment ago, “
she would say apologetically to her mother.
she would witness magic in her home every day
—> “mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”
“fairness is subjective” replied siri.
—> “no! thank you! i am happy with my pizza,” said snow white, giving the apple back. “and yea, i can buy one for myself!” she added while slamming the door shut.
———–the modern day Snow White
—> no roses
no chocolates
nothing ever brightened up her face like an empty tiffin box
from her child’s school bag did.
—> she watches the 8 pm daily soap
and also the9pm bbc news
—> someday i will bake perfect pizzas
knit beautiful sweaters
effortlessly play the most difficult chords
remember shakespeare’s works by heart
fit in that dress
someday i would have seen the entire world
would have mastered martial arts
would have watched all the morgan freeman’s movies
but what would i look forward to after that day?
what will i work at perfecting?
i hope i never get to check all items off my bucket list till i live
because it is only the unchecked items
that fills life into my days.
———it’s always a good idea to stay a little hungry.
—> she still cracked those lame jokes and sung songs with lyrics all jumbled up. she didn’t allow maturity to catch up with her when she was with her friends.
—> “come on it’s just a movie”, she would murmur under her breath, hand him some fresh tissue paper and pull herself an inch closer to him.
—> “what are you most scared of? someone asked the mother the voice that says ‘ the phone is not reachable’ when i call my daughter.
—> what can i do for you ?
the genie asked as i rubbed the lamp
stay with me i said. forever.
this is how i was introduced to my dad
—> The world seems harsh. Give me a super power. The unborn girl commanded. I have already made you into a girl. How can I give you two super powers ?

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