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The Camera by by Phil Strahl

Book blurb:

“The old camera I bought one Sunday from the flea market was much more than I had hoped for. It came with a treasure, a record of disturbing events of the past that not even its former owner was aware of…”

Genre: Fiction/Horror/Short Stories

Pages: 28

Format: Kindle eBook
Price: 0 INR/$0.99

My Ratings: 3.4/5

A spooky read about on old camera which comes into the possession of the protagonist.

What I liked about the story:
–> I don’t read horror much, so this was very fear-inducing (this might also be because I read the story in the dead of the night!!)
–> The narrative is nicely built-up leading to the climax full of suspense and horror.
–> Makes you believe that such a thing could happen to you or anyone else because so many of us do end up buying such things at a flea market.
–> The notes that the protagonist finds in the camera bag and how they help build up the curiosity.
–> Upon realizing what the photos revealed, the protagonist focuses on the present and the positivities around him, to remind himself that what happened in those photos, was in the past and he does not need to be scared.

What I did not like about the story:
–> There’s too much jargon around photography which bounces right off the head of someone who might not have much knowledge about the field and profession, and also makes the reading dull.
–> There’s no actual revelation about what those photos contained or what it meant.

Quotable quotes:
–>I gazed into the big dark eye of the camera. It made me feel stranded in the solitude of my apartment, alone, but with the prospect of something just out of reach.
–> Yes, the camera looked worn, the edges dented and the cladding dull, yet below those imperfections, a hint of its heyday persisted. Somebody had once cared a great deal for this hunk of metal.

Buying details:

  • Amazon India

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