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Smörgåsbord of Musings by Rathnakumar Raghunath

Book Blurb:

Smörgåsbord of Musings is a collection of poems, anecdotes and random thoughts expressed from the points of view of different people – men, women, non-binary persons, kids, teenagers, adults – all going through different things in life. People living happy lives, some not-so-happy lives, people in love, hopeless romantics, people dealing with heartbreak, the ones who believe life is better with a bit of whimsy, this book, hopefully, has a little something that resonates with everybody, lets the reader find the silver lining when needed and discover the joie de vivre even when times are hard.

Genre: Fiction/Poetry

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback

Pages: 235


  • Kindle eBook: 99 INR/$2.99
  • Paperback: 250 INR/$6.99

My Ratings: 4.3/5

This is a book full of poems, ranging from one-liners to lengthy ones, some write-ups, and a short story. The book touches upon a myriad of subjects, right from love and relationships to entertainment references.

A charming collection of quotes, poems, and writeups.

What I liked about the book:
–> My favorite part of the book was the short story titled ‘Elevator’ which is A MUST READ.
–> The ample references to popular and beloved characters from movies, books, cartoons, and shows. We get to read funny and some serious things about Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory), Popeye, How To Train Your Dragon, Thanos, Monica and Chandler (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.), and 13 Reasons Why.
–> A handwritten poem/note makes its way into the collection which was so heartwarming and personal.
–> The range of emotions that the poems depict and compel the reader to feel as well, right from sadness, anger, loss, grief, pride, guilt, and fear, to nervousness, shame, joy, surprise, and of course LOVE.
–> The writeups, photographs from the author’s childhood or past experiences were very nostalgic for me as well as they made me rethink of my own childhood.
–> Though it can easily be finished in a single reading (or just a couple of days) the writing stays with us for a long time and might even tempt most readers to reread.

What I did not like about the book:
–> The poems about heartbreak and love seemed repetitive after a while.
–> The titles were in French and for readers who aren’t familiar with the language (like myself) it could be a bit of a letdown. Maybe providing their English translation alongside might have helped.

Quotable Quotes:
—> Troubles usually get worse before they go away for good
Just like mehndi gets darker before it disappears.
—> It is too much strain to put on one relationship
Too much burden for one person to carry.
—> You don’t have the chutzpah to stand up to the one who hurt you
Instead you choose to hurt an entirely different person to feel
superior about yourself
Satisfy your delusions of grandeur
—> I love you like Sheldon Cooper loves his spot!
—> I open the window and let the rain wash my tears away
That’s when I realize no amount of alcohol is going to make me feel better;
this is a pain I have to live through
And by the end of it, I will hopefully be all right
The sun is bound to come out after all the rain is gone.
—> Ever wished crying made one lose weight?
There would be no obese person on Earth.
—> We give some people the power to destroy us
Why can’t we give ourselves the power?
Not to destroy, but to build ourselves up.
—> Do I have to be African-American to believe Black Lives Matter?
Do I have to be gay to stand up to a homophobe?
Do I have to be a woman to be a feminist?
Do I have to be a dog to take care of one?
Why is empathy frowned upon?
Why should I have to explain myself for feeling things for a fellow human being?Empathy isn’t always a good thing because it focuses on individuals rather than a global issue on the whole.
—> Here you are
Despite everything that you have been through
Do you know a stronger person than yourself?
—> Charity begins at home
Does that mean “one should look after oneself
and one’s family first before being generous to others?”
Or does it mean “one learns about charity at home?”
—> There is a special place reserved in
Hell for people who type “Kewl” instead of “Cool”
—> Why can’t some people stand to see other people happy?
—> As much as you can, let people know when you feel something is nice about them. This may just be a compliment but you’ll never know how it might affect them. Maybe they really needed to hear it that day. Maybe it would end up making them happy. And making someone happy is awesome.
—> The world would be a better place
If humans are more humane.
—> When lights suddenly go out, it takes time for the eyes to adjust to the darkness in order for them to be able to see again.
—> Don’t be jealous of me
Don’t envy me my wins
For only now am I on a winning streak
If you knew about all the things
That I lost during my losing streak
The last thing you’ll feel for me would be jealousy.
—> When someone is no more, do we even have enough time to deal with the fact before we are forced to let go of the person?
–>When someone stops being a husband or a wife, a mother or a father and simply gets referred to as “body” or the so-called politically-correct, but equally painful “mortal remains,” does the person cease to be whom the person has always been to the griever?
—> We share this planet with over 7 billion people
Do you really think there wouldn’t be even one person who would
—> What a wonderful world
This would be
If the best thing a woman can be
Isn’t beautiful!
—> It’s the attraction, the infatuation,
Not love
It’s the reason for which you come
Not the reason for which you stay.
—> And I know, at this very moment, that
I am the lucky one
For in our relationship, it is not just 50% you and 50% me
It is always 100% you and 100% me!
—> While you might have friends, who love you, who are good people at heart, they might sometimes say extremely insensitive things to you without realizing they’re doing so.
—> I’ve felt more alone with people around
Than I have when I’m actually alone.
—> I’m like Joey
I don’t share food
But with you
I give you the bigger piece of chicken.
—> I’m still healing
The wounds are still scabbing
And just like that you destroy me again by saying
“She is pregnant”
—>Life has a funny way of proving you wrong.
—> There are those who can’t see a happy couple without getting
insecure about their own relationship
Some of these wretched excuses for humans take it upon
themselves to bring just a bit of unhappiness into the couple’s life
The result: something bad happens between them.
—> This kid asked me, “Anna, how do you find out if someone’s old without asking them their age?” I was amused that of all the questions he could have asked me, he chose to ask this one. I thought about it for a moment, took my cellphone out, typed something and showed it to him and asked, “What are these symbols?” He said, “They’re emojis.” Then I said, “Go ask that person what these are. If they call them emojis, they’re young. If they call them smileys or emoticons, they’re definitely not!”
—> When you laugh, the world laughs with you. When you cry, you cry alone.
—> Whenever you can, if not always,
try to |————–meet people halfway————–|
—> There aren’t many things that have the power of making you feel better instantly But laying your head on your mother’s lap for a few minutes always seems to work.
—> You deserve happiness
You deserve love
You want someone to come along and fall madly in love with you?
It will happen
But until then, my friend,
Learn to love yourself
You are kind,
you are beautiful,
you are smart
—> Grudge bores into the mind like a worm does the apple
Forgive people, for we never know whose forgiveness we will be in need of
—> She’s not really alone when all these lonely people are together in their loneliness What a beautiful irony it is!
—> What does it mean to be human if it is not to love?
—> It is 5 p.m., and the end of a hectic day at work is here. We pack our bags as if we were school children rushing home after the last bell has rung, only this time, instead of our books, we put our laptops and their chargers into our backpacks.

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