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As I Thinketh : Musings on Life by Pratima Shah

Book Blurb:

Ever wondered why humans behave the way they behave? Have you ever tried to know your mind and its weird reactions? How much do you love yourself? Don’t you want to live a meaningful life? These and many more questions that deal with human minds and behavior will find their answers in this inspiring, encouraging and heartwarming book.

Genre: Nonfiction/Self Help

Pages: 304

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 150 INR/$4.50
  • Paperback: 300 INR/$13.00

My Ratings: 3.5/5

A self-help book covering various bookish as well as practical lessons and learnings, this would make a great read for young adults and especially teenagers.

What I liked about the book:
–> That it is a mix bag of poems, prose and essays, covering a myriad of topics.
–>Apart from talking about practical stuff, the book also talks about academics and very general topics (which we usually tend to take for granted) like hate, discipline, respect, etc
–> The author talks out of her own personal as well as professional experience, which makes the content easily believable.
–> The language and text is full of positive thoughts and lines which has the potential to lift up the readers’ spirits and motivate them when they are down; even fall in love with themselves.
–> Each chapter deals with a human emotion in great depth and at most times the reader will feel that they have gone through the same things at one point or another in their lives too.

What I did not like about the book:
–> The content and topics, though varied, lack a uniformity, which can feel like reading a journal or blog at most of the times.
–> The jump between the topics can make the reader lose interest quite easily.

Quotable quotes:
–>It is said that ‘Silence is Golden’, but many a times we face such situations when we are shattered and slammed by silence. Due to this many of us are afraid of silence.
–> Silence is irritating and at the same time sometimes silence speaks volumes.
–>Silence between the best of friend-speaks of their understanding for each other without saying anything.
–>Silence has its own meaning for every individual. It could be a bliss, a boon, rejuvenator also, as well as a curse, a shatter for someone.
–>The amount of silence at the right time speaks volumes about your personality.
–>Silence builds relations and also destroys them. Silence is music in its own way.
–>Even today the norms of womanhood and beauty are defined by the patriarchal society.
–>Beauty is skin deep; physical beauty does not define your character but your overall disposition and character defines your personality.
–> The enemy of woman is another woman even though there are exceptions to this too. But the bunch of those women overshadow the good ones and any woman who is genuine, true, loving and a simpleton is also suspected to be having ulterior motives.
–> Every woman today needs to enlighten her life by education and by being self-independent.
–> Being isolated from her own family & friends is what shatters her. So respect every woman in your life and shower her with the best things she deserves in her life-be it your mother, daughter, sister or wife. She deserves the genuine & selfless love which she showers on her family without ever getting retired from her family chores.
–> The more you share, the more you learn.
–>Settling for something worthwhile is all about embracing what is best for you.
–> When you settle for the average, you accept less than what you deserve and less than what you are capable of becoming.
–>The only way to truly embrace your greatness is to stop settling for something mediocre and to aim high.
–>You can never know what you can accomplish till you try. In the process if you fail, you are closer to something that is worth living for.
–>No one has the power to demean you unless and until you give them the power.
–>Please and thank you’s aren’t just for kids. Remembering to call or write notes of gratitude to people for their efforts are “treasured deposits”.
–>Nothing will smash your credibility faster than failing to tell the reality. Telling the truth, preserving promises and showing integrity are the cornerstones of any relation.
–> Personality is the sum total of what we carry in the inside and radiate on the outside. Without a positive and smarter inside, an attractive outer appearance would just look like pricey paintwork on a rugged wall, just there to hide the flaws inside.
–>Communication plays a major role in depicting how well we think and act in the presence of others.
–> A good conversation is only possible when patient listening is a key ingredient.

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