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Elephant in the Storeroom by Dr. Anu Teotia

Book Blurb:

Elephant in the Storeroom is a metaphorical expression for forgiveness being a difficult choice for people. Even when people are aware that forgiveness is fundamental to have fulfilling relationships and a thriving life, it still seems out of reach. Storeroom stands for our unconscious mind, where we carry all the traumatic experiences. This book is a self-healing manual for everyone who believes in self-growth and wants to acknowledge and embrace their imperfectly perfect magnificent existence as a human being. Based on the psychotherapeutic underpinnings, this book is an attempt to provide therapeutic support through various forgiveness-based activities and meditations to all who might be looking for it.

When you encounter the elephant in the storeroom, you’re able to:

–    have healthy relationships in your life.

–    feel respected, valued and loved.

–    have a blissful life.

–    feel safe, protected and have peace and much more…

Genre: Nonfiction/ Personal Development & Self-Help

Pages: 118

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 79 INR/$5.99
  • Paperback: 179 INR/$10.99

My Ratings: 4/5

The burden of guilt can be wearisome. This book explains how to let go of such incidents and why it is important to do so. The implementations and exercises on how to follow the practice of forgiveness is the major USP of this book.

A guide on how and why to follow forgiveness ritual.

What I liked about the book:
–> Begins by busting the myths around the concept of forgiveness.
–> Can be read in a single sitting, but sticking to a 21 day reading schedule would be most practical and optimum, which is a great option/choice to have as a reader.
–> All the activities are very practical and simple to follow/implement.
–> It is a self-healing manual for those who believe in self-growth and are willing to acknowledge and embrace their imperfections.
–> Can be reread to enjoy and implement the lessons/activities therein.

What I did not like about the book:
–>One tends to skip the activities at times (especially someone like me who doesn’t read many self-help or nonfiction books)

Quotable quotes:

—> It is always impossible for the unwilling.
—> There is no Saint without a Past, no Sinner without a Future.
—> Events don’t define people, their choices do.
—> Forgiveness does not mean going back to the perpetrator, it means going back to oneself. It means accepting and acknowledging that external things don’t control your life, you do.
—> Forgiveness is not the gift you offer to your perpetrator, but it’s a present for your better present and future.
—> Forgiveness is a choice and it is a difficult choice to make.
—> There comes a point in life when forgiving someone feels like you are not valuing yourself enough, as if you are going against your own self–dignity or not taking a strong stand for yourself.
—> You forgive to heal yourself. It has nothing to do with other person.
—> Forgiveness does not mean forgetting. It is not denial. You don’t deny the existence of the event. In fact, you acknowledge the existence of the event more clearly as it was in the past and your present does not have traces of it, not even in your mind, thoughts and perception.
—> Forgiveness does not mean announcing it to the Victimizer. Your perpetrator does not need to know that you have forgiven him or her. It means that salient voice inside you which says you as a person are much more than that particular event. You need not to carry the baggage of unfinished emotional business.
—> When you forgive, you don’t really need to revive the relationship or to go back to the perpetrator, until or unless you choose to. Forgiveness may also result in relinquishing the relationship altogether.
—> Forgiveness connects you to the present. It wakes you up to the beauty of life, your own beautiful life.
—> When you are not able to forgive, you keep living in the past, which keeps you away from the pleasure and joy of day today life. It dissociates you from the reality, your present.
—> Your mind is like a vessel, till the moment it is full of negative emotions, there will be no space left for positivity. Emptying it out of negativity of the past will only connect you to joy and pleasures of the present.
—> To be able to forgive one needs to feel safe.
—> How can you expect yourself to be valued, respected or being loved, when you believe that people aren’t good, they do terrible things to others? If you believe that this world is not a safe place, how can you carry a wish to feel safe and protected? How can you be thinking of a peaceful, blissful future, when you carry the belief that this world could turn out to be unpredictably terrible?
—> Healthy relationships are fundamentally based on the existence of individuals who are good human beings with healthy intentions.
—> Human mind is programmed towards certainty, rather than uncertainty, no matter how painful it is.
—> The reason that people continue with a painful abusive relationship at times rather than breaking it off. Because that relationship has certainty, even if it is actually the certainty of negativity or abuse. Certainty creates comfort zone for human mind, because it gives the structure to the things. Anything unknown is equivalent to pain and anything known is equivalent to pleasure.
—> You need to leave ‘the past’ in the past to embrace the present completely.
—> You live only for once, how do you want to live? By holding grudges, while cursing people, situation and oneself. If you feel that you have gone through a loss, which can never be compensated, let me be very clear there is no compensation ever available in this world, which can lessen down the misery of the event, people go through. Event once occurred anywhere in this world at any point of time, can never be erased. It will keep existing in that time-line forever. Rather than looking forward to the compensation, which never ever exist for any kind of human pain and suffering, look back to get your powers back.
—> Life is a onetime offer, use it well.
—> You might have lost your world,
but you can always have your
Universe of positive possibilities.
—> Negative experiences are like phoenix, they come back to life.
—> You can run away from the entire world, but not from yourself.
—> With every battle, you come out stronger. Surviving through that experience is like winning a battle, but that is not enough.
—> Constant reminders are required to keep you going till the moment it changes from faith to possibility and possibility to reality.
—> The more discouraged you feel, the more you need to be persistent. And what if you keep coming to a roadblock and keep hitting the same wall, change your strategy but not the goal.
—> The present is more significant than the past.
—> Saying something is always much easier than exactly putting it into practice.
—> Move on, you’re not a tree.
—> If you are not happy with what you are, believe that you still can become your ideal self by having faith in yourself. It all starts within.
—> Because to build yourself up is more important than tear someone down.
—> Just counting your blessing is not enough, but to count yourself up is also equally significant. It is the very first step towards self-awareness. The more you try to find out, what are the good traits you carry as a person, the more self –aware you become.
—> With self-growth, you start having faith in your capabilities even more. The more you believe in yourself, the more you grow as a person. And not just you become better, but the world around you becomes beautiful.
—> An apology without a behavioural change is like a body without a soul.
—> When you have done Surviving, you need to start Thriving.
—> Nobody is perfect in this world. There is always a scope for improvement.
—> Keep emptying yourself out of the negative behavioural patterns. This is how life should be visualized, where you’re always open to look within and outside to understand and modify your ways, your strategies, your reactions, as per the need of time. Stop being a garbage bag. Negativity you carry inside is like the garbage. Stop throwing that garbage on other people. This is how you grow as a person, by emptying out the garbage bag, where garbage is anything (behaviour, thinking or feeling) which is not serving a purpose in your life.
—> Emotional foolishness has no gender. There is no gender-bias in emotional errors.
—> The more you practice a skill, better you become on that.
—> Riding a dragon is an idiom here, which stands for venturing into the unknown, I think I should clarify, before you start thinking of me as being obsessed with Games of Thrones.
—> It is impossible for you to be angry and laugh at the same time.
—> Being Emotional is Being Human.
—> The feeling of forgiveness exists on a continuum. It is a process, not a product.
—>Forgiveness is not forgetting. It is not Dementia in which you go through some memory loss.
—> Life is a real epiphany. Releasing the pain and suffering from your mind and body is the real healing. For that you don’t always need to fix or mend, what is broken, but what you need is to redefine the experience.
—> Brokenness is uniqueness not ugliness. Embrace your broken pieces and heal what do you feel. Carry an essence of oneness and wholeness within you, which gives you an experience of thriving in life.
—> Life is always predictably unpredictable. You can never change the events happened in the past, but you can always choose your response to it.
—> Forgiveness is letting go of the weight of emotional pain without reconciliation with the perpetrator. Fly higher with your own wings of forgiveness and gratitude towards life.
—> Forgiveness is not a one-time act; it is rather a way of life.
—> Strangely enough people feel the need to clean their house daily, but not their minds.
—> It’s ok not to be okay at times, because sometimes things shine more when they are broken.
—> Falling in love with others is easier than falling in love with ourselves.
—> Intrapersonal relationship holds as much value as any Interpersonal relationship. Self–love is not arrogance.
—> Fall in love with yourself so madly that you never want to come out it.
—> Paint your own life with the beautiful colours of your emotions, with time, few colours may fade, and others may come alive even more, making this picture of life even more spectacular, so that you just look at it completely spellbound. You owe that to yourself.
—> Forgiveness and Self-healing are like best buddies; one comes with the other automatically. Self–healing can’t be completed without forgiveness and forgiveness brings self-healing as a by-product of it.
—> Negative experiences are like fire, which burns inside us. It is up to you what you decide to do with that fire. You can either allow it to consume you completely, or you can utilize it to burn the obstacles in your way to self-healing.
—> You can always convert your life to a horror show by simply allowing the ghosts of past traumas keep haunting you as long as you allow them to. You also have the power to convert your mind, the most wonderful organ in your body into a tape-recorder repeating horrible things to you, about you, about the people in the surrounding and the entire world. As it said any lie repeated good enough times, sounds like a truth, soon you start believing and manifesting that even more.
—> Trauma is your past, it’s existence in the past is inevitable as you can’t ever remove it from your life but to keep the pain alive in the present is a choice.
—> You were never responsible for trauma, but you’re always responsible for your healing.
—> Write your own life-story of unending success and happiness. Love yourself. Embrace yourself completely. You are an Imperfectly Perfect Masterpiece. Fall in love with yourself daily. Choose your passion and live for it. And Never –ever stop working for yourself. Be unstoppable. Write your own life-story of unending success and happiness. Love yourself. Embrace yourself completely. You are an Imperfectly Perfect Masterpiece. Fall in love with yourself daily. Choose your passion and live for it. And Never –ever stop working for yourself. Be unstoppable.

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