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My Girlfriend’s Journal: Lies of Truth by Ashvin Raj

Book Blurb:

‘Lies of Truth’ is a realistic fiction series surrounding the lives of two people who fell in love. In this – the first book – the girl writes in her personal journal about her life with God. Through this we are introduced to the characters, and this book lays the framework for the future books in the series.

Genre: Fiction/Religious & Inspirational

Pages: 111

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 99 INR/$5.19
  • Paperback: 250 INR/$5.38

My Ratings: 3.2/5

This book is a compilation of journal entries by the protagonist Neha who writes about her experiences in her diary/journal. These entries consist of how her days go by and how she slowly begins to believe in God and how this faith becomes stronger everyday.

What I liked about the book:
–>A good read for someone who wants to reinstate their belief in God.
–>It lays down a good framework for the future books in the series.
–>Leaves the book at a cliffhanger ending which is a great way to make the readers excited and curious about the next book in the series.
–> Going through the journal entries makes us feel the raw emotions of Neha, the existence of an omnipresent force and how grateful we should be to this life.

What I did not like about the book:
–> Many chapters are journal entries where the content is only bible verses which made me feel like, “Okay, if I wanted to read bible verses I might as well just read the bible.”
–>We read many names across the pages but we do not learn anything major about any of these names and characters.
–> There are ample grammatically wrong sentences, typos, and awkward sentence structures which do not allow for smooth reading.

Quotable quotes:
—> But you know what they say about nosers, they never find what they like.
—>Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgement, so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of the people; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.
—> I don’t know, yes the key to utmost knowledge is through knowing God who is knowledge and wisdom himself. Why is it so hard to get?
—> People are yearning to achieve their goals… a degree in this, a masters on that… what is the point? Of all the knowledge you gain from these textbooks, from the various inventions of man and from knowing how deep the scientific world has gone into… yet only a few of those people who has dedicated their lives to all that studying manage to invent something on their own and that too only to add to the existing pile of nonsense. Yes it is an achievement to invent a machine that would make the life of common man less strenuous, less difficult.. but how it is helping one’s spirit? How is a machine gonna make someone a better person? Teach him some humanity? Some kindness? Give him love? No, you don’t gain anything from studies, except maybe a rank, a high paying job, a luxurious house, a dog and a few respect!! There is no point!
—> What life has to offer is what we call life and that is what life is! it is not the knowledge that comes with studies, it is the hard work that you put into it that counts. No, it is not all about making a person’s life better to live but by simply creating a new machine, you’re forcing yourself into doing what no one else has ever attempted or thought of before, you’re disciplining yourself focusing your mind.
—> Studying does have a point. You need to study in order to prove to yourself that you can live! You need to study so that you can teach yourself that no matter what problems you may encounter, you will automatically have a plan in your head devised especially to tackle that one problem. And therefore studying is essential for life and life is this!
—> Looking good does wonders to your self-esteem! It just shoots up sky high!!
—> Every girl should be confident if she needs to stand up for herself, if she needs to talk smart and be smart and for that she has to look her best. So I don’t think there is anything wrong with hitting the gym every day or going to the parlour every weekend or wanting new clothes..! Hmmmm… but… yes, there is a ‘but’! The problem arises when you become too much into your looks. Oh yes, such people are just consumed by vanity and they become so self-centered… unbelievable!
—> God does not care about a B tech degree from me. He does not care if I’m a topper or not. How I live my life that is what matters.
—> Feelings can be brutal, feelings can be bad and some feelings you think are real but always end up to be fake.
—> He might tend to sin, like every human does, but even when he does, he does it in public not in private… and there’s a difference. In public, there will be people around to correct him.
—> Being hurt for sometime might either help me or the other person to realize something, to learn something… and that is all that matters.
—> He has often praised my looks which makes me even more conscious. Every time I see him I’ll be wondering how I looked… Oh! I so wish this ‘looks’ factor didn’t matter. But in this world it’s all that matter.
—> Everyday can be blessed and pleasant if you want it to be pleasant.
—> I was totally immersed in Facebook… which in itself was a sin. I was spending time on something that wasn’t even godly but its exact opposite.
—> I remember having wished today to live in a world where looks were not at all an issue – whether your hair was too curly or your glasses too thick or you were too fat or you don’t own pretty dresses… these worries should never exist in that world-A world where there’s only peace and holiness, where there are no perverts or crooked people. Where there is no financial troubles or worries, unhappiness or doubts or poverty or death or sin of any kind. I want to live in such a world.
—> They say that every new born is God’s way of saying that life must go on….
—> She cried and I let her. It was better to get it all out than to keep it all in.
—> In the end, you are all by yourself.
—> Whoever promises you today might not even last tomorrow and yet you believe the person with all you are.
—> I thought the 14 years old boy who is very much young had a crush on me, which is not an impossible thing because kids are influenced a lot by movies and songs and what not.
—> Deceiving ourselves! How? By thinking we are wise…! So how do we actually become wise? By thinking we are fools… as easy as that! We do not need to boast about anything in this world..
—> Make peace with your adversary, every chance you get, otherwise you will be stuck there until you have paid for every last mile.
—> There is no sinner and worse sinner and there is definitely no greater sin and lesser sin- a sin is a sin.

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