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Malhaar : When it pours, soak yourself in poetry by Ambica Uppal

Book blurb:

Beneath every cloud
There is a story.
A story waiting to burst,
A story of love,
A story of grief,
A story to inspire,
Let it pour!

Genre: Fiction/Poetry

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback

Pages: 120 pages


  • Kindle eBook: 69 INR/$0.99
  • Paperback: 199 INR/$14.99

My Ratings: 4/5

The book is a collection of simple, short, relatable and charming poems which can be enjoyed on a rainy or foggy evening, over a cup of hot beverage.

What I liked about the book:
—> The heartfelt intro note by the author at the beginning of the book.
—> All the poems are very relatable.
—> The book is a quick read of hardly an hour.
—> The poems are based on the author’s own experiences making the book a compassionate read.
—> The division of the book into various sections which are so thoughtful.
—> The beautiful cover and all the other little illustrations inside the book which accompany the poems, adding more charm to the the written words.
—> The titles of the poems which are not only extremely thoughtful but have been provided at the end of each poem instead of at the beginning/top (this was the first time I came across such a concept).

What I did not like about the book:
—> Some poems would have made a better impact if they were a bit more longer.
—> Not all poems connected to me as a reader.

Quotable quotes:
—> Don’t fear the flight
That you take With every new gust of wind.
Some winds truly Will propel you
Not all blow to resist…
—> All you need is
One candle
To create a flame
That can last
—> Don’t go chasing and collecting water
From the same clouds that burst on you
Wait For the sunshine
Let it soak up all the pain
That has rained on you
—> The ring of a guest called laughter should not fade away the
Sound of those spoken words of comfort when laughter knew not
Your ear to echo in.
—> You were like the clouds
That made it difficult
For the stars in me to shine
To shine again I had to let you go
—> Something about the way
That you dip into the sea
Like taking away all the secrets
Shared between you and me
—> It’s not the darkness
That I fear,
But the fading light.
It’s not the night
That I fear,
But the dipping moonlight.
—> Let yourself
Tread a path filled with hope!
And you will never be alone…
—> For darling
If you blanket yourself
In your dreams
You will never be cold!
—> And In my naivety,
With my broken half,
I seek the comfort of a
—> If anything in this world
Should be wild
It’s got to be
—> With you
I want to be one
Like the sky and the sun
They burn together and glow
Dripping with warmth
Even when the coldest of winds blow
—> Just when you rub your eyes
And see stars
Should be enough
To make you believe in the
Magic you hold
The magic that lies within
—> Not all use words,
Some use silence
To cut through
The uproars of pain!
—> In silence
I heard a thousand echoes
Those that rose from my soul
Each of it
Resonating the truth of my heart
The very truth
That I have been trying so hard
To dim down amidst
Loud voices
—> Burn for those
Who burn for you
Fervently and completely
To every bit
—> D R E A M
Hold your dreams close to you
Let them not blow away
In the wind of pessimism
Of this world
—> Sometimes in a world
That blinds you
With their fake gold shimmer
It can be beautiful to be
Made of earth
—> It’s never too late
To shed old leaves
And grow some new
Those that burst with green
And dance to the rhythm
Of the falling dew
—> Haze of the past,
Blocks my rear view;
Clouds of the future,
Fogs the new.
There’s nowhere else to look
But at the NOW!
—> I wanted to be your medicine
Bitter like the truth
But Curing you
Of all your ailments
—> We sit in the desert
And Hope for the rain,
Dissing the sunshine
All in vain.
—> Don’t diss the night
Because it lacks the
Sheen of daylight. Instead,
Love it for how
Forgiving it is,
To hide all our flaws
In its darkness.

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