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Book blurb:

The life of Ellie was going reasonably alright with her grandmother, Father, Step-Mother and Step-brother Arum, until on her 13th birthday when her grandmother went missing. When she was nowhere to be found, her uncle from bakery came to help. He revealed the truth of her grandmother that she was a fairy and was abducted by an evil King. Ellie and Arum decided to rescue their grandmother. The only problem was to go in the star world and face an army of monsters.

Genre: Fantasy fiction

Pages: 253

Format: Kindle eBook/paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 230.45 INR/$3.77
  • Paperback: 298 INR/$7.00

My Ratings: 3.7/5

Ellie, an eleven year old Delhi girl lives with her grandmother, step mom, little brother and father. Her life isn’t ideal but her grandmother, who is also her best friend helps make everyday a little better than what it is. But one day, her grandmother goes missing and a whole lot of things about her identity and past life are revealed, which leaves Ellie on the brink of a challenge, whose success or failure can literally decide the fate of the universe. Does Ellie take on this challenge and does she succeed in overcoming it? Read the book to find out.

Age is no barrier for doing the right things.

What I liked about the book:
—> I read a book in this genre (fantasy fiction) after a long time and it was a throwback to all my favourite reads in this genre, especially a lot of elements of Percy Jackson.
—> The bonding between the grandmother (Himakshi) and her two grandchildren (Ellie and Arum)
—> How the grandmother, Himakshi, prepares Ellie for what is it come under the garb of stories and fairy tales.
—> Ellie’s birthday scenes, how both of them are so different from each other and how things change over the course of just a year. I also liked how despite the first one being simpler in comparison, is still special for Ellie (especially the midnight cake cutting ceremony)
—> The whole episode around the football match, right from how Ellie forms the team to how they go on to win.
—> How Ellie applies simple academics and sports funda to her real life challenges and successfully overcomes them by applying these.
—> The story effectively shows us that age does not matter when it comes to being smart or facing a challenge.
—> The character of the grandmother, Himakshi, who is such an ideal and inspiring woman, right from being a daughter, a wife, a mother, a grandmother and even a warrior.
—> I loved all the female characters/warriors right from Himakshi, to Priyanka and Ekam.
—> Ellie’s and Himakshi’s decision to return to Delhi with their Earth family.

What I did not like about the book:
—> A good story which loses so much charm because of poor editing. (I honestly would not have hesitated from giving this one a 5/5 or 4.8 if the book was well edited)
—> I wanted to know what happened with Maya and Arun( Ellie’s step mom and father), and how they were brought to the fairy land.
—> I wish there was more of an active role for Arum, Ellie’s younger brother.
—> The language is very colloquial and lacks strong narrative.Some of the scenes which had great impact value could not come out well purely because of this.
—> The name ‘Moti’ that Ellie gives to the dog ani human which I found to be very stereotypical and demeaning (this is more of a ‘me’ problem though)

Quotable quotes:
—> That’s why these are called dreams because they don’t make any sense.
—> We should always be thankful for what we have got. You must not compare yourself with others. You will always find people in better condition and worse condition than you.
—> It’s good to have some targets and dreams, you can look forward to achieving them. Just don’t compare yourself with others. The only person you should compare to is yourself. Always learn from mistakes, try to improve, and become the best version of yourself.
—> Even if you are afraid don’t show it. Confidence will breakdown the opposition’s confidence.
—> Keeping anger in the heart is like holding fire in your hands. It won’t do anything to the fire but will burn your hand. Angry emotions alter your mental peace.
—> First, deserve then desire.
—> Problems are going to come for sure in life, you cannot control it, however how we react to it; can be controlled. Our response to the problem determines the severity of the situation.
—> “I don’t need much. Just earning enough to survive.”
“It’s your choice to survive. You could live a better life.”
—> We all make choices and we must live with it. Things don’t go as planned always.
—> It’s not being clever; it is all about making quick decisions and making use of what you have.
—> Us humans have highly evolved brain. This is our biggest power and advantage.
—> When you face an opponent, don’t focus on their strengths. Focus on yours. Thinking about their power will put you in a discouraged state of mind and it will affect your ability to handle the situation. This is true for all situations, all challenges you might face in your life.
—> Teachers should give extra attention to the students who are struggling to get good marks.
—> We should celebrate our every small achievement; tomorrow will bring even bigger success.
—> Expecting high marks from everyone is just beyond my understanding. Scoring low marks does not mean you are a less worthy human being, you might good at something else.
—> Everything happens for a reason. When we don’t understand that reason, we get frustrated.
—> It’s not only the speech that makes a person a leader. It’s the intention of the words, the honesty, and the courage to stand against odds.
—> Everyone is afraid. Fear is of different types. But it all depends on how you handle it. While leading people or facing a strong opponent, one can feel scared but the key is, to not show it.
—>It is easy to judge others. We never know how someone is going through any situation.
—> Life teaches us everything. We cannot be ready enough for anything.
—> The key is to move on in life. What happened in the past cannot be changed, so why ruin our present?
—> If anything got them through that hard time was love between them which never faded.
—> People are afraid of things which they don’t understand.
—> Once someone is dead all you are left with memories and regret, what if I could have done this or that.
—> Whatever it is. Even there is a half chance, we should try. How many options do we have?
—> “If everyone has one ruler, what will they fight for?”
“You cannot bring peace by killing innocent people.”
—> No kingdom or morals or anything can survive on the foundation of broken hearts.
—> We should always have a plan of escape and survival.
—> “Is it good to save some lives and let others die, knowing you can save them?”
—> “You should not make fun of things you don’t understand.”
“What’s wrong with having little fun conversation. You joked before, isn’t it?” “Sharing a joke and making fun are different things.”
—> The world is changed by those who tried even their victory wasn’t sure, the things were not in their favor.
—> Everyone is scared in certain situations. The way you handle it, will make you or break you. To fight with a situation or to run away from a situation is entirely your decision, but it is just a matter of decision.
—> It’s up to you to figure out. The ones who care about you, cannot be there always to make decisions for you. It’s your journey. All the decisions you make will shape your destiny.
—> Whatever happens; happens for a reason. Most of the time it is a part of a bigger plan which we don’t understand. Stop holding yourself responsible
—> He has got his gifts. You have got yours. Nature has given everyone unique gifts.
—> The brain of humans has evolved considerably over time. The difference between us and animals is that we can teach our kids history. So, the mistakes which we made, you don’t have to repeat. This wisdom kept on passing from generation to generation.
—> We all have our gifts and powers. You should know yours and concentrate on those to get the best of the situation. If you focus on the strength of your opponent, you will feel low in confidence and it will reduce the ability to confront them.
—> To solve a problem, you must understand the problem first before thinking of solutions.
—> You are more powerful than you think. A motivated spirit can do anything. Size, age, and power become insignificant in front of motivation.
—> “Well, I don’t know how to make a slave. All I know is to make friends. If you want to be my friend you are welcome.”
“What is a friend?”
“A friend is someone who is always there for you, no matter what.”
—> “You know uncle, in my school they gave us a group activity once and I was a part of the winning group. The secret of our success was delegation.”
“What do you mean?”
“We can’t go together everywhere given that time is not on our side. We have to go in different directions.”
—> Everyone makes their own decisions and face results and consequences accordingly.
—> Don’t be angry.Anger diminishes the thinking power of the brain.The things which are not in our control, we can’t do anything about them. If we can’t do anything about it, why become angry.
—> Fighting gives us at least a chance of winning. The spirit of solders corresponds to their leader. If you will be in high spirits they will be as well, and if you think cowardly, they won’t be able to fight as well.
—> What is meant to happen, would happen anyhow.
—> The only chance to win is to fight.
—> “Who decides whose perspective is right?”
“Any perspective that does not involve the loss of innocent lives is right.”

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