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A Picture Perfect Christmas by Rebecca Hemlock

Book Blurb:

What happens after the “happily ever after?” Rachel and Daniel Andrews have been through so much together since their marriage. After a car crash and long days of endless pain, Rachel hopes Christmas morning with her new husband will be one she will never forget.

Genre: Fiction/Short Story/Romance

Format: Kindle eBook

Pages: 6

Price: 73 INR/$0.99

My Ratings: 3.8/5

This one is a cute short story about a couple who have been through some tough times together but their relationship has withstood the test of time. It is the perfect Christmas read to remind us to take care of those we love.

What I liked about the book:
–> There’s an overall Christmasy feeling in the narrative.
–> It doesn’t tend to be preachy despite giving away so many important subtle messages like how relationships are not always smooth or how the small things matter when it comes to our loved ones.
–> It’s the perfect read to get you into the mood for the festive season.
–> In just 6 pages, the story is an ideal quick, easy and relatable read.
–> How Rachel’s and Daniel’s gifts for each other are so thoughtful and sweet.

What I did not like about the book:
–> I wish there was more context to Rachel’s accident, like what exactly happened. That bit seemed a bit hazy.

–> For the price it asks, its way too short.
–> With just two characters, the story seems a little off-putting.

Quotable quotes:
–> Something about Christmas always puts her in the mood to bake cookies.
–>She liked to think of their house as cozy instead of small. It was their first place together and she was thankful for it. The smallness made her feel safe and protected.
–>As Daniel read the story of Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus, Rachel pondered on how much the holy couple went through during the time of their child’s birth. She thought about how much Joseph must have loved Mary to marry her despite what everyone had assumed about Mary.
–>Marriage was a happy yet difficult road, and you had to be very strong to make it work.
–>”Don’t take my picture!” she protested, shielding her face from his view.
“You look beautiful, and I want to always remember this Christmas. Our first Christmas.”

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