Author Collaborative

In Conversation With Sandeep Pawar

Rashedur Ryan Rahman says,

“Your comfort zone is a place where you keep yourself in a self-illusion and nothing can grow there but your potentiality can grow only when you can think and grow out of that zone.”

Being someone who was never able to stick to a job for more than a few years (and sometimes just months), the corporate life was something that never appealed to me. I gave up the tag of being ’employed’ some years back to pursue my love of writing and reading. So, naturally, when I came to know about a book titled Thank God I’m Fired, I was curious to check it out and when the blurb told me that the story was about someone who did not like his corporate job, I was sold right away.

It hardly came as a surprise that I enjoyed reading it immensely. In fact, TGiF was one of the most fun books I have read this year.

Sandeep Pawar, the young author of this book, also happens to be someone I have become well-acquainted with over the past few months and he too, has read my book The Art of Being Grateful & Other Stories

so when I asked him if he would like to come as a guest on the #AuthorCollaborative segment, he was game for it!

In the session, we discussed our books, writing journeys and what makes us tick as writers.

My questions to Sandeep focused on his book TGIF and a few other things.

He answered them in his trademark funny style and the conversation became even more fun as he went on to ask some of his own questions to me.

The best part though was the rapid fire, which revealed a side of us which was probably unknown to us and most of the people who know us.

You can listen to our responses to the above questions in the video below:

Would you like to check the books highlighted in the session? Below are the Amazon links to both:

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