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Soul Seances by Dr.Jyuthica Laghate

Book blurb:

Soul Seances is an account of the daily conversations between a soul and its body, who is a middle aged Punjabi lady named, Jeeva Sharma. The book has a deeper message of soul awareness, introspection and reflection and importance of living a soulful life in the modern hustle bustle. The book in one of its kind fashion speaks volumes about the saga of how the protagonist ,Jeeva, was a typical, society fearing girl, who knew suppressing herself every time to fit in to the groove. Her soul feels choked and on one rainy midnight decides to take on a unique mission to make its master realise her true self, her J factor and how living without stress, peer pressure, validation and social accreditation can make her feel truly empowered. The instances mentioned in the tale are relatable, very much relevant in the contemporary existence and will force the reader to reflect upon every little thing in their life and understand the intriguing nature of relationship between their body, brain and soul. The issues focused in the book touch upon the various spheres of human life simply from enjoying rains, travel, to living and carving a life of your own and your real own terms. The book is a short yet expansive description of the numerous mute conversations that we have with our mind and soul. So many times, many of us feel disheartened and depressed due to causes external to us and we try to thrive on validation from the society and the power of now or the magic of nature is not understood by us. Life can feel stretched and treacherous. The book is filled with many anecdotes and true life relevancies that can motivate each one to really think deep and hard as to who they really are, what they seek and how can they live and change for better.

Genre: Fiction/ Spiritual Self Help

Pages: 71

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 100 INR/ $2.99
  • Paperback: 150 INR/$4.50

My Ratings: 4/5

This book very poignantly points out that learning to listen our inner voice is essential. Jeeva, the protagonist of this story, has learned to listen to the voice of her soul. Her regular conversations with her inner voice are what form the essence of this book, which teaches us how and why we all need to do the same and what are the advantages of doing so.

What I liked about the book:

—> The conversations of the protagonist with her soul are completely relatable because we’ve all experienced that inner voice which tells us a lot but somehow we tend to ignore it.
—> Besides teaching us to care for the soul, it also provides knowledge on various other subjects.
—> Rightly points out that the only validation we should seek and which matters the ,is our own.
—> The character of Jeeva, who is instantly likeable because of her vulnerability and her growth journey.

What I did not like about the book:
—> Tends to be monotonous and preachy.
—> For all its teaching, I wish it also gave a few practical tips on how to listen to the soul/inner voice.

Quotable quotes:
—> The world is extraneous and therefore does not need to be pleased every second.
—> Our friends, family, wider social circle, infact most of our usual troupe adhere to the utopian model of the world, where everything is and should be ideal. How intriguing! It’s like reinforcing, the valley is not deep, although it falls under theclassical definition of one, or life is just a bed of roses and not thorns.
—> When you say, I like something, where does that likeness come from? Can you spot a particular area or is there this faint voice that keeps saliently pushing you, guiding you, identifying what is that you want?
—> There is this voice inside me which is limitless, it just knows what it wants and it keeps telling me the deepest of secrets, sensations, reactions to things I am normally not exposed to.
—> Soul séances is not this planchette or a ghostly intervention but a dynamic talk with your inner self that you have so conveniently forgotten. The reasons might be multiple, but the consequence is singular, one of darkness and sinister.
—> Whenever you are gloomy or feel slightly under because of life and its tormentation in general, look inside you.. You have that light, that incandescent healing flame that can be your friend, parent or simply a pathgiver.
—> The problem is you have brilliance within but you choose to acknowledge the darkness and nebulas of distrust and despair.
—>”When we think about water, what is the first thing that flashes in your mind? “
“Purity and Clarity.”
Oh! Lovely. But, the most intrinsic and powerful property of water is its flow. You can’t really obstruct it. It flows continuously through streams, rivers, oceans and takes any form, shape and contour. What, if human mind is like that?
—> As humans, you feel stuck, stagnated. You feel limited and helpless so many times. Something happens against your wish, you are disconsolate. You are slightly overweight and you will feel concerned that the society will not willingly accept you. But, your soul is limitless.
—> It is a task, to explain a person about something that is not visible.
—> Truth, almost always is impossible to digest and that is the power of the soul.
—> By definition, truth is something that remains constant anywhere on this earth. The real truth is, fellows, you all have your souls, your life long batteries which charge you every second. The moment you realise, a force within is the one that presides over you, you will feel empowered and liberated because now you know, anything that is disruptive is outside.
—> You can’t be static all the time. Being in a single mood or frame is not the essence of the soul and therefore your body. Your existence has a myriad of moments, good, bad, magical, worst. The sum total of all that makes you human. The imprints of all those experiences, every single one of them is in me, your soul.
—> The real worship begins with submission, utter faith and belief that the universal power is there in you, guiding and protecting you.
—> I was on cloud nine. This is what a true soul feels when its body or the master really senses the power that nature has attributed to them. It is about enjoying that every cell, tissue and organ in you and above all that centered feeling that your soul is protecting you, nourishing you, pampering you and holding your back.
—> You are way too precious to fall prey to the opinions and notions of the world. The world may not agree with you, but does that mean you are wrong? Or they also might have lacked somewhere in understanding and perceiving you.
—> When you said, I like to live alone and experience the moment, that never meant you were anti-social but just that you thrived on silence. When you spent time meditating for hours and chanting mantras, it didn’t mean you were a weirdo but it was like metamorphosis- A larva was trying to be a butterfly. When you took the brave decision to switch your career, that was not out of frivolousness but you listened to me, your inner voice. You always had the magic of communication and conviction in you and that was your soul purpose and see today, you are so much more content.
—> A soul and body are not counterproductive. A soul exists to support the body to the fullest and not impair it. Soul is like a Duracell and the body a torch, which is helpless without the cell.
—> Most of the human beings crave for validation, acceptance and appreciation. Most of you are sad because someone else didn’t appreciate you, or acknowledge your talent, or called you names or was just not expressive or rude and ignorant.
—> It is supposedly quite a mental thing to have the will to keep getting better and better and strive for perfection every single day.
—> In life, often, so many of you almost try to live to keep others happy all the time. Infact, that is an unreachable goal because getting recognition from others is often like the longest, treacherous walk, where even if you are on the top of a mountain, you tend to feel extremely fatigued.
—> The constant hunger to get appreciation is just like a black hole, which has no end really.
—> Since centuries, human joy has been dependent upon recognition from peers, family and the wider community. In essence, it is about getting social accreditation that you are good, friendly, kind and so on. But, the most ruthless question that I wish to ask is what you think are the key attributes of your personality.
—> Love is a human need as much as food, clothing and shelter. If one gets true love, they feel on the top of the world. But, why do many of you feel vulnerable or extremely hurt when someone from outside, hurts you verbally or your loved one sometimes quarrels with you on petty matters. Those are the real testing times because, you actually have the limitless power to feel happy and strong come what may.
—> Not an idealistic cliché but the magic of nature is such that, human beings can bounce back from any challenge, sorrow, disappointment, guilt or pessimism.
—> Most of your lives are mired in working to get validation, acceptance and regard. For instance, when you are looking pretty you want compliments, when you have cooked with lot of effort you need a pat on your back, when you have passed the exam with flying colours you need a celebration. But all these good and bad moments are transitory and fleeting. They are not permanent.
—> Limitless power is a difficult entity to explain but it is relevant in every step of human life.

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