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My Books Get An Offline International Presence via Zowiezo Damesmode

Douglas H. Everett said,

“There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.”

Mostly tagged as being a dreamer and sometimes called either ‘brave’ or ‘foolish’, I belong to the category of people who refused and refuses to tie myself to the tag of being ’employed’. It was this, that eventually led to my calling as a writer and I can proudly say that though it was a brave step, it has been a very fulfilling one indeed. I have been a freelance writer and editor, cum blogger, since the past three and a half years now, and am also the proud mama of three book babies.

Me with two of my paperback books (The Untold Stories and The Art of Being Grateful & Other Stories)

Yes! Since my decision to go rogue, I have (traditionally) published three solo books (and co-authored two books). These book babies have been well received on online platforms, with two of them being bestsellers on Amazon India. The latest book, The Art of Being Grateful & Other Stories hit the bestsellers list in multiple categories on Amazon India, in just a few hours of its release. Although, this is a proud worthy feat in itself and the books have a great online presence, it always gives me a pang that the books do not have an offline presence, or are not available in many bookstores (they are available in Crossword Surat).

So, when I recently moved to the Netherlands, I had one goal clear in my mind, which was to make my babies more visible in the international offline market. The city I currently live in (Tilburg, Netherlands) served this purpose of mine and how!

On my regular bouts of grocery and other miscellaneous shopping in the neighbourhood, I had noticed a charming boutique and always felt attracted towards it. The clothes and boots that were displayed in its windows never failed to leave me gawking or staring. So, when one fine day I saw stacks of books displayed here, I knew this was the perfect abode for my book babies.

The very next day, I approached the shop owner and guess what? She agreed to display (and sell) my books at her cutesy boutique. It goes without saying that my joy knows no bounds now!

Here’s a sneak peak into the boutique and me posing like the happiest person on this planet.

Me with Birgit, the owner of Zowiezo
My books in the window display of Zowiezo
Me holding the book in the window display of Zowiezo
Me with my books displayed inside Zowiezo
Me with my books @ Zowiezo

What I learnt through this experience:

  • If you want something bad enough, yes, the universe will conspire to provide it you, but that final plunge of faith and courage has to be taken by you.
  • The attitude/approach towards writers, authors and books is different in each country. Where in India I had to (and still have to) struggle to convince bookstores to keep my books in display, this isn’t the case in Netherlands (and I believe in most European countries). Writers and authors are much more respected in countries other than India.
  • In India, most bookstores (especially the big names) charge a bomb for displaying and selling your books, but that’s not so in the Netherlands.

Know more about this store through the below links:

Amazon links to my books:

Publisher links to my books:


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