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Two Years Down The Line

Dianna Hardy says,

“A bond between souls is ancient – older than the planet.”

I had never known the grief of losing a loved one, until two years ago on this very day, it came crashing down on me. My grandmother, a woman of grit and resilience, was taken away from us.

My grandparents and I (circa 2015)

It’s true when they say that healing is a life long process, because though approximately 730 days have gone by, none of us who knew her, have been able to get over the grief of losing her.

My parents and my grandparents (circa 2015)

The concept of soulmates and love is a long debated and highly relative one. I, for one, believe that though love cannot be forced, if two humans spend enough time together, they’ll eventually come to care for one another. This stands true for my grandparents, because these two, were like chalk and cheese. I often wondered how two people so starkly different from one another, spent so many years together, that too with a big family, and a happy one, on most days. 

My grandparents on their 65th marriage anniversary (circa 2015)
Our full family at a family function (circa 2018)

Being together for almost 70 long years, they naturally grew to care for each other beyond words. And when grandma passed away, grandfather succumbed into his own shell.

My grandparents looking all regal at my engagement ceremony (circa 2016)

Though he was physically with us, it was clear that emotionally, he was always grieving. It broke our hearts to see him like that, but none of us could understand his pain of losing a partner with whom he had spent 7 decades! 

My grandfather with my my parents, my husband and me (circa 2019)

On this day, which happens to be my grandmother’s second death anniversary, we as a family, are mourning not one, but two deaths now, because we lost my grandfather just three days back too. And the whole episode only makes me believe that he was called by my grandmother. She probably whispered in his ear, “Come to me, it’s been too long we’ve been apart”. Why else would the dates of their deaths be so close by? It’s kind of unbelievable but it can’t be a mere coincidence, right?

Besides teaching us to be virtous and good human beings, the biggest takeaways from their lives and relationship is that:

  • Your Karma does matter, and if you’ve done good truly deeds, you’ll be well taken care of

(this holds especially true in the case of my grandma, who passed away within a few days of attending a huge family function where most of our family was present, including those of her grandchildren and great grandchildren who live abroad. She got to meet almost the entire family, one last time. Being someone who valued family a lot, I truly believe this was her one last wish and it was duly granted to her)


  • It takes more than just love to make a relationship last a lifetime.

Here’s to both these dear departed souls.

You leave behind a great legacy, a void that can never be filled, and you shall live in our hearts and memories, forever. 

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