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Bakery And Bones (A Westford Bay B&B British Cozy Mystery – Book Zero) by Nic Roberts

Book blurb:

To most people, Ally Wescott has an idyllic life. Engaged to a French banker, a quaint apartment in Greater London, an array of amazing friends and a family friend whose bakery she gets to spend her free time in, polishing her passion for making sweet treats. What could possibly go wrong? She’s about to find out. A surprise letter, a wavering fiancé and the discovery of bones are about to shake her peaceful world to the core, and this time, a cup of tea and a slice of apple pie won’t fix the major upheaval in her life… or will it?

Genre: Fiction/Crime & Thriller

Format: Kindle eBook

Pages: 61

Price: 0 INR/$ 0.00

My Ratings: 3.2/5

A neighborhood bakery which is loved by all, suddenly becomes a crime scene when a body is recovered from its depths during renovation. Ally, the protagonist of the story is emotionally attached to this bakery and takes it upon herself to prove that her friend, Tim Baker, the owner of this bakery, is innocent. Is he though? Read the book to find out.

What I liked about the book:

–> The way the neighborhood is described, especially Ally’s home and the bakery.
–> The character of Lizzy (Ally’s BFF)
–> It was a quick read (which came as a relief after the full length novel I had just finished reading)
–> How Ally is so fiercely protective of the bakery and of her baker friend, Tim.

What I did not like about the book:

–> There is no revelation about the actual murder, like what was the motive, how did it take place, etc, which kind of is a let down when you’re reading a murder mystery.
–> How Ally behaves like a doormat around her fiancé and her reaction to their breakup, when it was clear their relationship is doomed.

Quotable quotes:

–> “It was a joke. What’s the matter,love, you lost your sense of humour?”
“There hasn’t been much to laugh about of late.”
–> Cheer up and chin up.
–>The media people were vultures. They didn’t care who they hurt in the process of getting their exclusive.
–> She despised conflict, but she wouldn’t put up with such type of treatment.
–> She understood that he was in his high powered job, and she understood that in order to climb ranks he had to look the part, but it couldn’t be at the detriment of their happiness.
–> She only ever saw him in their future, with the stucco fronted terrace there were going to buy, the children they kept talking about. Maybe it was a sign.

Buying details:

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