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Rebelina by Rakhi Kapoor

Book blurb:

Who is a Rebel?

A rebel is an individual who does not conform to norms. Women have been fighting for equality and seeking justice in various aspects like equal wages, reproductive rights, domestic violence, maternal leave, sexual harassment, domestic violence, the right to education, etc. Not all rebellions spillover on the streets. Every woman who acts according to her free will for the greater good in her daily routine is a rebel, leading her own revolution. She may be a little girl. She could be a woman in love, a wife, a mom or an expectant mother, a career woman or a loving grandmother.

Here are fourteen powerful stories where these rebels take various challenges head-on and live their life on their own terms. The women in the stories make their mark in their own way, symbolizing a revolution against a cause, no matter how big or small.

This book is dedicated to every woman who stands up for herself.

She refuses to fit in and blend with the crowd.
She dares to be different and break the rules.
She is courageous, wise, kind and compassionate.
She is a fighter and doesn’t give up on herself easily.
She leads a rebellion against ignorance.
She has a burning desire to live an extraordinary life.

Genre: Fiction/Short Stories

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


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  • Paperback: 250 INR/$16.99

My Ratings: 4.6/5

This book is a collection of inspiring fictional stories with ample real-life lessons. 14 stories of about 22 different kinds of women are woven beautifully into this book, all of whom teach us something important, and leave behind so many after thoughts as well as life lessons for the reader.

What I liked about the book :
—> Each story represents and portrays a completely different protagonist and type of woman, and sometimes more than one woman.
—> Each story begins with a little poem and ends with a small passage around what was the essence of that particular story (kind of like ‘Moral of the story’ types)
—> The way it includes and talks about women of different ages and in different roles (daughter, friend, mother, grandmother, wife, girlfriend,etc)
—> The end chapter which explains the meaning of Rebelina.
—> The characteristic traits of the women protagonists have a relatability factor, which every female reader will be able to immediately connect with (either with herself or with someone she knows)
—> My favourite stories were ‘The Little Rebel’ and ‘Raising a mom’ as they represent a school going girl who is wise beyond her years, and an elderly woman who is different from the people her age and even then is exemplary for the kids in the family.
—> The summary of the Mahabharata and the way it tackles the character of Draupadi in ‘The Making of the Fist’

What I did not like about the book:
—> Some stories end too soon, without a proper closure or leaving out loose ends.
—> It tends to become a little preachy with its justifications.

Quotable quotes:
—> Every revolution starts with one individual who decides to rebel against the norms set by society.
—> She considered it a crime against her own soul to kill it and force it to be put in a cage. A free spirit… a spirit free.
—> Any instruction with a stern “don’t do this” seemed like “definitely go ahead and do it.” “Stay put and be quiet” meant throw a fit and make a lot of noise.
—> Everybody looks at the marks on a scorecard and appreciates children who listen, follow the rules and blend in.
—> It’s so tough to be free in this world where society teaches you from childhood to say appropriate things relevant to a situation with a purpose. It confines us to stick to the norms of society to please everybody else.
—> Don’t hush the roar within her, for she is meant to be a lioness… raise a great girl child with great care.
—> She drew a line between how much she gave and what she deserved back. Her greys told a tale of a beautiful woman who lived her life with wisdom, love, poise and grit.
—> I am the knight in shining armour that came galloping to rescue myself, undoubtedly.
—> A strong and courageous man is not someone who beats his unarmed wife. He doesn’t subject his daughter to such trauma.
—> In your ability to be a good husband and a loving father lies the proof of your manliness.
—> If you don’t stand up for yourself, then no one will.
—> You don’t have to resort to living with what fate has in store with you. You can always change your destiny by making some conscious choices in life and acting accordingly.
—> If I don’t stand up for myself, then no one will.
—> Everybody in our lives comes with a purpose to help us evolve and grow. Their interactions can be that of love or unpleasantness.
—> Each one comes with an agenda according to our karmic score and the past equations between each other through a lifetime.
—> The departed souls from the earth leave us physically; the departed souls from the hearths of our heart live on endlessly.
—> We need to bid each one goodbye with love, be grateful for their influence and contribution to our journey, cherish every moment, every memory that was created in time and wish them love and find our peace.
—> The sun always rises after it sets. New beginnings emerge after the old retires.
—> I can’t help it if I have been lucky and blessed with everything in life. Many others don’t have everything that I have and that is not my fault, is it?
—> It’s not the people you should worry about. Don’t let their mindless words and admonitions get to you. Imagine it is life testing you through them. There is no need to feel guilty about having everything you wished for in life. Be grateful that you have been blessed with a loving family, good education and all the materialistic things in the growing years of your life. But always remember life will test to see if you are worthy and capable enough of respecting the gifts it has bestowed on you.
—> Whether the kind of destiny that you have leads you to a direction of growth and prosperity will be decided by you.
—> What you will make out of your life and what you will leave behind for the generations after depends entirely on how you choose to live. What you do with the fortunes handed down to you. Many children born with privileges become arrogant, lazy What you will make out of your life and what you will leave behind for the generations after depends entirely on how you choose to live. What you do with the fortunes handed down to you. Many children born with privileges become arrogant, lazy and less human. They not only live to become less wealthy but have a less fulfilling life. They don’t realize that the taste of the fruit of hard work is equally if not more scrumptious than success itself. Remember, life will check that growing head of recklessness, time and time again. And you should know this, my dear, it is only the ones chosen to become successful that are tested by life with obstacles and challenges. You will never rise if you don’t go against the tide. The people who are meant to have an extraordinary life are delivered both challenges and opportunities.
—> It’s good to have a man who loves you so much, but it’s important for a woman to hold her own in love. She can’t just give up on her dreams and herself. She needs to have her own life and needs after all. Living in the shadow of a man, lost, smitten and blinded all the time is not at all good.
—> She realized that only she could help herself.
—> Break up, break down, but build yourself up again.
—> People who would not judge her for how much she had fallen but were willing to appreciate her for how much she was trying to stay afloat.
—> It was not about how much she weighed; it was about how strong she became. How fit she remained. She became disciplined with her food habits and focused on eating healthy. She started sitting in silence, staring at the empty space in front of her, briefly drifting into sleep and finally getting into meditation.
—> You can’t buy love and happiness with money. Luxuries and pleasures can be bought in life but not love.
—> Not all losses in life happen to death. Many a time, people grieve the loss of a loved one to life, time and circumstances. A relationship breaks, lovers are separated, an affair ends, friends fall apart, a family feud tears apart siblings and many other relations. Every kind of loss of a person in life is heartbreaking and traumatizing. Don’t write a saga of regrets, blame, remorse and pain after a loss. Let your scars become a work of art. Break up, break down, but build yourself up again.
—> Let us all appreciate the effort that God takes in making each one of us exclusive and unique. Let us learn to love and respect ourselves and work on what we have been given and continuously get better rather than wanting to be in someone else’s shoes. Why should we destroy what we have within us to be someone else and to do something else and live a life that we know is not meant for us?
—> He insisted that I make you feel at home, make sure you feel comfortable in my company. A very diplomatic way to say ‘mind what you speak.
—> Coffee and tea are beverages of special significance. So much happens around it. People fall in love around them, old friends catch up on good old times. Serious professional and ambitious plans are drawn up around it.
—> All over the world, a fine cup of coffee or tea ties many peoples, their minds and hearts through one string at any given point in time. The smile brewing out of tea ties many peoples, their minds and hearts through one string at any given point in time. The smile brewing out of the cup and that simple touch of the lip against porcelain. Many a slip between the cup and the lips. And then looking at the empty cup, it seems as if an era is over. Well, what about one more cup and the journey continues.
—> The fact remains that men will never understand women, and women will always be under the illusion that they know their man, till each one starts figuring themselves out first.
—> The fact remains that men will never understand women, and women will always be under the illusion that they know their man, till each one starts figuring themselves out first.
—> Many couples can hold hands, but to hold each other’s heart in harmony is the greatest treasure hunt in love. Very few can make it there.
—> Marriage is a love story that ends every day and starts all over again with the start of the new. It requires falling in love over and over again, forgiving, growing, understanding, and living together happily ever after.
—> No marriage is perfect. It’s not a fairy tale of happily ever after. We just have to work every day towards our own happiness.”
—> Don’t believe; see for yourself.
—> Life is unpredictable; you never know what is coming. Life is all about a routine blended with surprises. It is through these challenges that most people evolve and grow.
—> The constant rush within us is not because of what is happening in the world outside; it is actually an urgency within us.
—> Think about how the earth rotates on its axis gradually through one full day. There is no rush and no haste. It operates at its own pace, slow and steady. That is the calm that an individual needs to harbour within them. The stealth of the mind has tremendous potential; we only waste away its energy by rushing, panting, getting anxious and making it restless.
—> You fight for creation; you fight for yourself because you are a creation of the creator. Life will test you, try you, throw in surprises and you simply experience it and grow out of it.
—> She had to die to be reborn. It was not physical death she was referring to. It was about her fears being destroyed, limits being broken, assumptions about her own capabilities being redefined. She had to fall apart, she had to be broken, she had to die to be reborn. And that’s the circle of life.
—> Challenges, people, relationships, happiness, griefs are like meteors that float around us, human beings, constantly. Nothing outside of our being should get disturbed if everything within remains still. Very few people know the fine line between being alone and lonely. Lonely are the people who feel sad when they are all by themselves. They want to be with people and they want to fit in and be accepted by everyone around. But being alone is being at peace with our own heartbeat than the chatter of meaningless words of people who do not matter to us.
—> The birth is a gentle feeling, there is life, peace and positivity. There is the scope of exploring, learning new things, having starting troubles and continuing to grow and learn.

—> Life is not meant to be a safe haven. The occurrences of disturbances and misfortunes brought about by circumstances and setbacks are the normal course of life. One has to learn to go along with all of these and find the reasons to celebrate as they present themselves in daily life.
—> She was at home with the most favourite person in the world, her own self.
—> Most of us always feel the grass is green on the other side. The distant mountains are beautiful. The green pasture of grasses and distant mountains symbolize our dreams of a tomorrow we have never seen. The truth of life is that instead of simply staring helplessly at the neighbour’s green patch, one should start mowing their own lawn.

—> The one thing sure about tomorrow is, as days go by, we all inch closer to the end of our lives.
—> We all have that enormous life-sustaining and creating energy of the sun within us. It’s just that we don’t realize it. Each one will have to remove the layers of doubts, drown the opinions of others and get over the disappointments and heartaches to realize and harness this already existing power within us.
—> The unknown is not to be feared. You need to get excited about it as if it is a spy novel or a thriller movie. Just sit back and go through it page by page, frame by frame.
—> There is no perfect guide with answers to all your queries and doubts. Discover what works best for you.

—> Insulate yourself from the effects of endless unsolicited advice and the vast sea of information available on the internet that leaves you further confused and anxious.
—> Each one’s perspective of special is different.
—> There were no easy ways and no shortcuts to avoid the hardships in life.
—>You can’t rush everything in life. You can’t control everything in life.
—> You may not have answers to everything in life. It’s ok. The past cannot haunt you unless you allow it to.
—> Life is a never-ending sequence of little pleasures. The excitement about life is in the act of living itself.

—> Be a giving person, but learn to give yourself enough. Be a loving person, but love yourself also. Nurture your loved ones, but make sure you are caring for yourself too. When you give care and love to yourself in ample measures, you will be able to do the same for others.
—> No matter how old her children are, a mother always treats them like a child.
—> If you are happy and content, then fine. If not, whatever is unnecessary, needs to be eliminated from its roots. There are no middle grounds in life. Happy in a relationship, then stay; else, just walk out. No bickering, cribbing and taking abuse. Don’t like a job then quit. Don’t kill yourself every day little by little. Get done with what makes you unhappy.
—> Plan your honeymoon and the other nitty-gritty details about life after marriage. Finally, that’s all that matters. Who came to your wedding, where it was held are just specific things that have to be done. In the future, these things are not of much significance.

—> Marriages are tough and a lot of work. When you want to spend to rest of your life with someone, you must be ready to take on a lot of challenges. Two people don’t just get married to each other. They get married to everybody and everything in their respective lives.
—> The biggest battles and conflicts are resolved in the minds of the individual.
—> The biggest commitments we have are to ourselves, the biggest doubts that we have are within us.
—> All the questions that arise within your mind, seek your answers from within you, compete against yourself, control your own self, your words, actions, thoughts, anger, needs and desires.
—> It requires a different level of trust to discuss one’s flaw with another person. Only great friendships exude that kind of privilege.

—> Don’t live the same day over and over again and call it a life. Routine makes you become complacent and lazy. Don’t always stay safe and get too comfortable in life.
—> There are no guarantees that polite and courteous people were good people and curt and rude people could be harmful. Just like a book could not be judged by its cover. The character of a person could not be assessed with a brief interaction.
—> Don’t be in a hurry to just catch any bus. It’s ok to miss one, but be sure you are on the right bus heading in the right direction.

—> In life, you can’t keep crying to your parents, teachers and elders to sort out your problems. You have got to learn to take care of yourself.
—> Feminism is not about being superior to a man. It’s about involving the men in the journey of life, It’s about showing them how to care, It’s about making them feel how capable they are, They are ready to give and love, Maybe just not the way you want them to, When you set the other free, you find freedom for yourself.
—> Nobody can forcibly take a woman’s honour without her permission and willingness. She won’t allow it to happen. Her body may be body may be violated, but her spirit remains invincible and unbreakable.
—> You know who you are and what you stand for. Why should you allow anybody in this world to affect you?

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