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We Beat The Gods by Saad Quadri

Book Blurb:

A man sits on a bench by a picturesque river view side waiting to meet someone. Waiting in the hopes that she will come. As he sits there, he is haunted by the ghosts of his past. Memories of happiness intertwined with those of sadness, despair, remorse and regret.Far away, the woman in question is a bundle of anxiety. Thinking about the possibilities to come and the impossibilities that come with them. She is unsure of the path that she wants to take. After all, what we want to do and what we should do are rarely the same.Meanwhile death looms over the city lying in wait for its next victim. Does she have a reason to come? Will they meet? Time can only tell. And time is running out.

Genre: Fiction/Crime & Thriller

Pages: 130

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 99 INR/$4.00
  • Paperback: 199 INR/$8.00

My Ratings 4/5

Who is the greater demon, human who doesn’t give you the freedom to live while you’re alive or the murderer who liberates you by death? The protagonists of this book are lovers who get separated because of belonging to different religions (Hindu girl and Muslim boy) They meet after years and what unfolds after this chance meeting literally becomes a nightmare for one and all. Read this to question our functioning as a society.

What I liked about the book:
—> None of the characters have any names.
—> The changing PoVs showing the story from various characters’ perspective and providing a deeper understanding of their inner turmoil.
—> The strongest character is a negative one (reminded me a bit of The Joker)
—> Makes us ponder upon who is the actual villain; the humans who under the pretext of religion and societal norms, always restrict our choices, or the one who liberates us from all the grief of leading such a life by giving us death.
—> Has a very Romeo-Juliet type ending but with an entirely different treatment of the ‘star crossed lovers’ plot.

What I did not like about the book:
—> The changing PoVs made the understanding difficult because it’s not just the two lead characters who are telling their story.
—> The writing is inconsistent and has errors in terms of grammar and narration.

Quotable quotes:
—> There is always someone else stronger than you are or with more pain.
—> National news was significantly different on different news channels. Same nation, different national news.
—> I can hear blips at each passing second, irritatingly letting me know how alone I am. Don’t all these lonesome sounds tell us that? The creaking sound in the furniture, the sound coming from door hinge, unfamiliar wind in the closed space, I have never heard them in my life when I am not feeling alone.
—> We never realize as the life goes on — we are addicted not only to a person whom we are in love with but almost everything associated with them, like calling their names, their ways of responding, how they call our name, how to irritate them, and the list goes on.
—> I had heard from elders that there is a hidden meaning in each dream, but no one mentioned how to search for those meanings, it is just another unanswered question of my life.
—> I never understood why our generation was so much dependent on our parents to take the most important decisions of life. Is it because we were the first generation to experience a certain freedom of life that the last one did not have? Or is it the emotions? Or is it the fear of taking risk and not working out? Many times, even parents’ choices are not right but they will lend emotional support if it goes wrong and say, that it is what god wills. If we go against our parents, then there is no support and no one will come forward to help, as this is not what god wills. Why does god only will, what the majority wants? Going against the majorities will, you will die alone, no one will be around you. But is it not the case that we all die alone anyways?
—> The emptiness that kicks in when someone that you love leaves, is like a disease that one inherits from their parents without any choice. It just wakes up inside you.
—> We love the likeness of minds first and then the person.
—> Most of us were scared to like someone openly thinking that they will have the upper hand. Most of us were scared to fall in love, so we conned ourselves in doing that. Afterwards, we blamed it on loneliness, career growth, career fall, happiness, sadness, destiny, morality… in short GOD.
—> That is life, and it gives birth to unexpected situations. After coming so far this is what we learn that life goes on no matter what happens.
—> It is an intrinsic nature of love, pain. Stupidity tops it.
—> The fact is, love comes naturally with its pace like healing, both cannot happen in an instant. Falling for someone’s beauty makes us go crazy about them, which could be as simple as their long hanging hair like a horsetail or them ignorant of their own beauty.
—> Religion is a big monster, it has consumed billions of lives in past over the course of time.
—> What could happen for you to be with me? Some kind of disaster that involves a tragic incident? Why does it have to be like that? Why cannot it happen in normal circumstances?
—> In love it is mostly like linear regression, it shoots up and continues to do so, but you can calculate the status of the relationship for short interval only, not for long.
—> Things like these I cherish in our memory always. Not dining in expensive hotels, watching movies in gold class. Rather spending time with little or no resource, which made it very special. These were good memories but not something that you would post on a social networking site.
—>Religion is not the only player here; it is ego to show off who can take shots, who is more powerful. Ill people surround us even in the twenty first century, but I would like you to read reports and decide about the topic for yourselves. Never listen and believe on things, you need to read, understand and learn to take the right side.
—> The idea put forth was that if you love someone who the society does not allow you to love, people will punish you severely. People are the judge, the jury and the executioner.
—> I wanted to learn the trick of forgetting someone even having their memories.
—> It will be very smart to have two options rather than one.
—> A fresh mind can give you great ideas.
—> What is the point of a human being living if he does not connect with other human beings emotionally?
—> Everyone tries to do well in the world but not everyone can succeed. You cannot take this reason to cause trouble for others.
—> This is what we live for, more. More than now what we have. We complain to the past, imagining unrealistic present and try to picture our different selves. Confidence grows as time passes, we could have been better, but it keeps on getting worse.
—> As children, we cover ourselves with a blanket when we are scared. I miss being scared of darkness. As an adult, we need dark rooms to fall asleep. We have become the monsters that we were scared off initially.

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