Wonder Women

When You Measure Progress By Everyday Personal Growth ~ An IT Professional & Independent Artist Shares Her Story

Andy Warhol said,

“Don’t think about making art, just get it done.  Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it.  While they are deciding, make even more art.”

In our #MondayMotivation blog focusing on the #WonderWomen, we bring to you the story of a woman who believes in creating art for her own satisfaction and has accepted that she will be lifelong student of the subject. Meet, IT professional and Independent Artist, Bhuvaneswari Chandiran. She does a fulltime job as a QA Analyst and alongside that is also an artist who dabbles in various art forms like henna art/mehndi, water colors, digital art, mandala and gouache. Not to mention she is also a hands-on mother to a toddler as well. So how does she manage the two professions and her personal life duties, and from where did she get the motivation to become an artist? Let’s find out in her own words.


Drawing has been my favourite hobby right from a very young age which slowly turned into a passion when I started exploring henna art form in college. I then started practising this art form and have done quite a few bridal mehendis too for my close friends and family.

In 2019, I was blessed with a baby boy and I did not get enough time to practice henna, so to break the monotonous post pregnancy schedule, I just started exploring other art forms mainly from Instagram and was introduced to a whole new world of art forms. I started learning by seeing some amazing artists on Instagram and YouTube. I have tried my hands in different art mediums and am currently practicing water colors, digital art, mandala and gouache.

I haven’t yet decided to become a full time artist but it still keeps running in my mind and though I have a wonderful family to support me, I still feel I haven’t gathered the courage to quit my current job and pursue what I am passionate for. Every time I would think of it and it stops midway. Probably that’s the only struggle that I can think of as of now.

As I am still in the learning phase of educating myself on the different mediums and trying to find some time to practice, this is probably my other struggle as I have started working post maternity and running behind a toddler takes up most of the time daily .

I was sticking to only one art form all these years so I would say that post maternity was my turning point when I was introduced to a whole new world of art forms, which sometimes makes me wonder as to why I didn’t start this earlier.

To be honest, when I was practising henna art form, I did post on Instagram but never got any reach and I used to feel very demotivated. But after I started exploring other art forms, I came across so many amazing artists on Instagram who were doing such wonders and I learnt a lot from them, right from how to engage with other artists, how to take quality pictures , how to improve your skills and so on.

That has definitely motivated me a lot in the initial stages and I am so happy with my progress When I say progress, it’s not just about the number of followers alone, but I am happy that I am able to be a part of a wonderful community of artists who never fail to support each other and I am able to improve my skills which kind of gives me some confidence that I can also become a full time artist one day.

Even though I don’t measure my progress with the number of followers on Instagram, but it definitely helps in boosting your confidence. In November 2019, I hosted my first giveaway for reaching 1k followers and now I have a whopping following of 13k +. I have met some amazing artists here on Instagram and am happy to be a part of a beautiful art community. I started collaborating with other artists and one such collaboration was with my dear friend Saileena (@saileenas_art_gallery) where we planned to start an art sharing page called (@soulful.artists) and use it as a platform mainly to promote artists and host interesting challenges. The response we have received for it is tremendous and we are so happy to have started this initiative. We got the opportunity to collaborate with leading art brands like @karinmarkers and with some of the leading art stores in India for challenges or giveaways. The future plan is to take my journey to the next level by conducting workshops, start a YouTube channel and continue to work on plan to become a full-time artist, hopefully sooner than later.  

My biggest learning has been to,

Practice, practice and practice and never lose hope

and what keeps me motivated is the fact that I try to compare my progress with how I was doing yesterday and how much better I have become today, and I do not measure my progress with another artist’s journey.


To get in touch with Bhuvaneswari, learn more about her and her artistic pursuits, check out her amazingly creative works (and maybe inquire or place an order for a commissioned artwork by her) follow the links below:

Social Media profiles:

  • Bhuvaneswari’s art sharing page which is a platform to promote artists and host interesting challenges ~ Soulful Artists

Noteworthy features and mentions:

Other personal and professional social media links:

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