Author Collaborative

In Conversation With Bharath Kumar Kunjibettu

Thomas Hardy said,

“Poetry is emotion put into measure. The emotion must come by nature, but the measure can be acquired by art.” 

Being an ardent reader and a poet myself, I am drawn towards anything poetic in nature. I look forward to and get excited about any new poet I read or come to know about. This is why I chose to read Some Earth Poetry, a poetry book by a newbie poet/author, Bharath Kumar Kunjibettu.

When I reached out to Bharath and asked him if he would like to be a part of my Author Collaborative segment, he graciously agreed. So, today, we spoke at length about each other’s writing and a lot of other stuff related to all bookish stuff.

Before we get into the details of what Bharath and I talked about, here’s a look at what we thought of each other’s books that we recently read.

We, of course had a lot of questions to ask each, but narrowed it down to these over an hour long session.

Continuing with the new fun segment of ‘Rapid Fire’ both Bharath and I asked each other 5 questions each. Have a look at these in below creatives.

If you found those questions interesting, you can listen to the answers in the full video available on YouTube (attached below)

Here’s where you can check out Bharath’s (and my) book:

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