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Love Voyage by Madhuri Tamse

Book blurb:

All Samaira wanted was some seclusion from her frenzy past when flirty Rehaan invaded it with his charm. As they meet at the Airport to board the flight, sparks fly. Read this short romantic journey of grumpy Samaira and flirty Rehaan from Boarding to Landing

Genre: Fiction/Romance

Pages: 31

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 49 INR/$0.99

My Ratings: 4/5

A simple love story, beautifully narrated and with an unexpected twist. I finished reading it in an hour (with some breaks) and would recommend it to all lovers of the romance genre.

What I liked about the book:
–>Both the male and female protagonists.
–>Samaira’s and Rehaan’s banter which makes you nod and chuckle all the while.
–> Samaira’s stance about how work should not be given priority over family.
–> Rehaan’s charming and easy way of talking and getting along with people.

What I did not like about the book:
–> I wish we could get to know a little more about both the lead characters and their individual stories, as well as their love story too.
–> Having read ample love stories, the plotline was kind of predictable for me after a point.

Quotable quotes:
–>She could have dumped fewer clothes but she couldn’t afford to carry less attires for a trip like this one which comes once in a lifetime and she had full proof plans to envy all her friends by sharing the best pictures on social media.
–>She preferred reaching the airport early and not hustling at the last minute. But she was also aware of people who delayed the flight by their last minute check-in. When will such people learn?
–> Eating alone doesn’t fill your stomach.
–>Work is secondary. Time with family should always be your priority.
–>She loved watching the chain of flights, all waiting for their turn on the runaway to takeoff.
–>Just checking with someone where we have met previously isn’t flirting.
–>Normal people tend to be afraid of turbulence. I don’t know about people like you.
–>If you distance yourselves from each other instead of dealing with the problems, your love will fail.

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