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Rescue Me by Cathy Bramley

Book blurb:

Fearne Lovage is living a neat and tidy life. Sure, the inner circle of people she opens up to is small – but it’s perfectly formed of people she loves. And when your heart is broken, feeling safe means everything. It’s not a time for risks.

But life has a surprise in store for Fearne – a hairy, scruffy, messy one. Soon Fearne finds herself saving the day, and getting rescued right back…

You’ll also meet the characters of Cathy’s upcoming new four-part ebook serial, MY KIND OF HAPPY – which follows Fearne on her search for true happiness. All parts are available to pre-order now.

Genre: Fiction/Short story

Pages: 40

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 0 INR/$0.00

My Ratings: 4/5

Grief, loneliness and love for dogs in this cute little story.Ethel and Fearne are neighbours with a shared loneliness and love for dogs. Where Ethel has lived a full life and is now leading a happy ripe old age, Fearne is young but has given up on life after losing a dear one. Can their new found friendship make Fearne come out of her shell and get over her grief? Read this book to find out.

What I liked about the book:
—> Ethel’s full of life character and her staunch independence, despite her age.
—> Scamp’s character which I’m sure will melt all the dog lovers’ hearts.
—> The unlikely and unusual bond between the two women and how it grows stronger over a period of time.
—> How Ethel feels Fearne is wasting her youth and tries her best to make her understand this.
—> Though it ends on a positive closure, it leaves us wanting to read more in the next leg of the story (which is carried forward in another book with Fearne’s story)
—> Provides a sneak peek into the first few pages of the next book where Fearne’s story is taken ahead.

What I did not like about the book:
—> It is mostly predictable as to how the story will unfold.
—> I would’ve loved to know more about Ethel and her husband’s adventures in their younger days.

Quotable quotes:
—> The way to ward off dementia is to keep learning, keep testing yourself, stay curious.
—> This was her life now; watching other people go about theirs.
—> Ninety-seven. Sometimes she felt greedy still taking up space on the planet. As if she’d had more than her fair share.
—> It was on the tip of her tongue to decline the invitation; she’d had enough of other people for one day, it was tiring maintaining her invisible ‘leave me alone’ force field.
—> She didn’t really like custard creams. Perversely, that was why she bought them, so she wasn’t tempted to eat them all.
—> University isn’t for everyone. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.
—> There’s a different silence to an empty house. I know this is a contradiction in terms, but it almost has a sound all of its own.
—> You’re never lonely when you’ve got a dog.
—> Your adventure is out there somewhere and when you’re ready it’ll be waiting for you.
—> Fearne knew that grief had made her irrational at times. She also knew that this was completely natural. But it didn’t stop her feeling like an idiot sometimes.
—> A dog fills a space in your heart you didn’t know was there.
—> Sometimes the scariest path can be the most rewarding. 

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