Author Collaborative

In Conversation With Asfiya Rahman

Mike Singletary says,

“Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.”

Though I have never been inclined to play any sport myself, I do boast of being an avid fan of cricket and everything around it. This is majorly why, when I come to know of any book based around cricket, I’m immediately drawn to it. Having said that, I do feel that I’ve let myself down as a reader because I have never ventured into any sports book, whether fiction or nonfiction, which talks about any other sport besides, cricket. So, when I heard about a three-part-book, Wild Card, which is a sports fiction story around Tennis, I thought why not?

So far I have read just the first book of this trilogy series and I have loved it very much. When I reached out to the author of this trilogy, Asfiya Rahman, and asked her to be a part of the Author Collaborative segment on my social media, she graciously agreed.

So, before we did this live session, we read each other’s books (Wild Card and The Art of Being Grateful & Other Stories). Here are our thoughts around them.

Naturally, after reading them, we had ample questions to ask each other. Here’s what our questions list to each other consisted of.

Rather than sticking to just these long form questions I thought of adding some spunk to these Author Collaborative sessions. So, from this time around, I have introduced a fun rapid fire round. Below is the rapid fire questions list that Asfiya and I asked each other.

Sounds like a fun conversation, doesn’t it? Here’s the video link if you’d like to check it out.

In case that conversation and this blog post made you curious about our writing, here’s where you can check out our books.

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