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Piece of Poetry by Raviraj Mishra

Book blurb:

We were introduced to poetry right from a young age. We were made to sing and recite poetry in groups. The rhyming words somehow would bring a sense of enjoyment, and they won’t leave our mind even with the passing days. Poetry holds magic. A magic to change the moment and bring out the joyous hidden self. We all in some point or another had come across a poetry that either taught us the unlearned or brought back a memory or just a smile. Piece of poetry is an effort to share some thoughts through prose. Each poetry was written with a story in mind, willing to be talked about. The thoughts that didn’t need sophisticated words, but they were craving for rhythm. The idea was to point out some of the feelings and emotions that were desperate to be shared. Some untold words, a certain perspective that was always doubted by self and others. Piece of poetry is an honest attempt to format these feelings into a song, hoping that it would stick with everyone who decided to read it.

Genre: Fiction/Poetry

Pages: 73

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 49 INR/$0.99
  • Paperback (available only in India): 100 INR

My Ratings: 4.3/5

“All of us, at some point or another, have come across poetry that either taught us the unlearned or brought back a memory or a smile.” These lines on the introductory pages of this poetry collection not only resonate with poetry lovers but also aptly define the poems contained in this charming collection.

What I liked about the book:
–> All the poems aim to motivate, inspire and leave behind a moral.
–> Some poems told a beautiful story,
–> The poems are long rather than those short 4-5 lines short poems which are trending these days. Being a lover of longer poems, these were a much needed sigh of relief for me.
–> My favorite titles include I Saw a Knight, Ignore, Concrete, Nothing will break your flight, You!, It’s Okay!, The way I walked!, Changing me, who am i?, Not You!, Abundance in me, A blank Canvas,

What I did not like about the book:
–> Most poems carried a similar theme and message.
–> Some poems felt dull and did not leave any impact on me, emotionally or as a reader.

Quotable quotes:
—> We search the whole world for so many of our needs – the need for love, the need for care, the need to be found, and the need to be heard. However, in this never-ending search, we forget to appreciate and understand ourselves.

—> The importance of our own selves is lost somewhere between our expectations from the world and what we get from it. But if we don’t know who we really are, we can’t appreciate the real world, let alone love it.

—> The idea of rain gave me hope.
—> What silence couldn’t give, was given by my words.
—> He no longer wanted to be a knight –
a shining armor for him
was cheaper than the dream of his life.

—> The structured world was
paying me a slight,
to live a life,
they had designed.
The comfort they provided
was irresistible.
But it killed passion,
and spark that was irreplaceable.
—> Enough time
I had wasted already,
leaving the comfort
was my only choice.

—> the broken ones
always curse!
They curse for their pain.
They curse,
for there is nothing broken
but them.

—> Ignore the missions
given to you
by people who want you to fail.
Ignore the easiest ways,
for nothing worthy happens there.
Ignore the senses,
and your mind,
and listen to what your heart says.
For intuitions are born there,
and they somehow know
what you really want.

—> No one cares who I am,
everyone believes
what I present.

—> Have you ever
found yourself looking at the ocean waves
trying to tickle the rocks
and the sands on its bay?

—> Expert in nothing
but experienced in everything.

—> Believe in yourself,
because that’s how
you would fight.
And then nothing
in this world
will ever break
your flight.

—> It’s not wrong,
if, once in a while,
your heart calls out
for just you!

—> It’s okay!
A new way to say,
it’s not okay.
A way to tell you,
that it’s bad to lose.
Maybe it is.
it’s not the winners
who got an opportunity to prove.
It’s the loser
who gets the chance to win anew!
It’s okay,
if I have lost…
It was me performing,
not you!
It’s okay,
if I slipped…
It was me running,
not you!

—> In the process of
finding the world,
looking out for those who thought
it was easier to let me go,
I somehow had forgotten
how it really felt
to be with myself.

—> I know it was hard,
to walk on that path
that you think lead you nowhere.
Well, it brought you here!
Here you are!
Stronger than ever,
wiser than the people
you left behind.

—> I follow the clock.
I follow the orders.
I follow the nuisance.
Why do I do what I do?
Am I really supposed to?
Why can’t
I just rule myself?
Why am
I not the owner of my decisions?
Why do
I have to feel helpless
most of the time?
Why can’t
I lose myself
in something that I love?

—> Pick yourself up,
decorate your scars,
make your steps count.
The noise they make
should be loud.

—> I am beautiful,
I don’t need
a compliment.

—> They would ask you
to settle
like it’s the best choice.
You don’t allow
your dreams to settle down.
Don’t let them
make you doubt
your abilities.
You have something
they surely don’t.

—> If you think following rules
is stopping you
from moving forward,
break those God damn rules.
No one cares how you
reached the top.
They either get inspired or jealous.
All they want for you
is to stop.

—> Let’s change that one habit
that makes us feel rejected.
Rejected by our own vision,
our own true self.
Let’s try to love
the imperfect us.
Let’s be unapologetically us.

—> So, what’s about all this
complaining and blaming?
I wanted to fly –
I must undergo the pain
of growing wings.
—> I find it amazing,
how beautifully the mind thinks.
It’s like a box full of spells.
We need to learn,
how the wand swings.

—> What stops you
from getting into action?
Is it your nature?
All this procrastination.
life is a long journey.
And excuses
would make for a nasty ride.
Do yourself a favour
and don’t look behind.
Because what’s gone
is history,
what’s ahead
is a mystery,
and what’s right now is LIFE.

—> Talk to yourself.
But don’t over analyse.
It’s alright if you have
a different definition
for everything from what’s
believed otherwise.

Your words should be
first respected by you,
before you find people
who would agree with you.

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