Author Collaborative

In Conversation with Shilpa Suraj

Jane Smiley says,

“Many people, myself among them, feel better at the mere sight of a book.”

This quote defines me completely. And even in books if it comes to romantic comedies, I’m sold right away! This is why when I came to know about Shilpa Suraj, a writer who is touted the Indian Mills & Boons author, it was obvious I would want to read her books.

I read, Love, Truth and Taking Chances (which happens to be the second part of a trilogy series by her) and absolutely loved it. After reading it, as always, I had so many questions that I thought of inviting her to the Author Collaborative segment.

Being gracious and kind, she agreed to it and even read my book The Art of Being Grateful to be prepared for asking me some questions as well.

Before we move on to the questions and answers, here’s a look at what we both thought of each others’ books.

And here’s a look at the Q&A that happened between us in today’s session.

In case you’d like to check out our answers to these questions. have a look at the video of our chat below:

You can check our books via the links provided below:

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