The Best Friend by Akash Verma

Book blurb:

I was his best friend. He became my worst enemy. Nakul met Samir, three years his junior in school in the year 1985. Samir looked up to Nakul, his best friend. Samir showered all that he had over Nakul: his comics, chocolates, gifts, and all of his innocent love. It happened then, an ugly incident, that broke Samir’s heart and the unflinching trust that he had, in his only friend. Many years later, a student is found dead in a school, where Nakul’s’ daughter Anna studies. Samir enters Nakul’s life yet again. Not as a friend anymore but as an enemy who would go to any length to destroy Nakul’s life. The Best Friend, is a dark and edgy thriller where everyone hides a deadly secret. It is a journey inside the deep crevices of the human heart that rests those wounds which lie dormant. These wounds don’t cause you pain anymore but are a ticking reminder of your past. And at such times, how you wish you could turn back the clock and undo those things that you shouldn’t have ever done.

Genre: Fiction/ Crime & Thriller Mystery

Pages: 184

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 49 INR/$0.99

My Ratings: 4.6/5

Karmic murder mystery and thriller. Nakul and Samir are best friends in school but get separated after a haunting incident. In an unbelievable twist of fate they’re brought together again as adults under similar circumstances; however this time someone has died. Are they able to forgive and forget? Amidst all the haunting memories of the past, can they unravel the mystery of the death? Read the book to know and enjoy a story that will leave the thriller lover in you satisfied.

What I liked about the book:
—> Starts with a bang (I was reminded of The Kite Runner which happens to be one of my all time favourites)
—> Samir’s gullibility and adorable dedication towards Nakul.
—> How Samir grows up to be an adult with trust issues (among many other major problems) because of what happened with him in his childhood.
—> Few chapters dedicated to Anna’s (Nakul’s daughter) PoV which helps build curiosity and adds more thrill to what went around the death incident.
—> The difference between how Anna reacted to a tragic incident involving her best friend vs how Nakul reacted to a similar incident in the past.
—> Sandhya’s turnaround from being the revengeful to becoming a woman in love and how her actions and choices are justified throughout the book.
—> How a piece of clothing plays such an instrumental role in the whole episode.

What I did not like about the book:
—> I wanted to know more about Nakul and Ginny’s love story after school; like how they managed after Samir left and how they got married.
—> Sandhya’s involvement was kind of a predictable giveaway for me (thanks to having read umpteen murder mysteries)

Quotable quotes:
—> Hasn’t education become one big business these days?
—> None talk to each other, staring into their phone screens, engrossed, as if their real world lay on the other side.
—> The world is converging into three screens: television, computer, and mobile phone. If he were to rephrase it now, with the way it is going, it would come down to one single screen rather than three. The world converging to this one screen of our mobile phones.
—> Young death is a wasted life, whoever’s it might be.
—> Losing someone you know and care about is never easy in life.
—> Work has taken a new meaning these days: just like you can work from home, you can work from your phone as well.
—> It’s the pent up emotions which weigh you down a little more every passing day.
—> You can’t be ungrateful to someone who has just fed you awesome food.
—> I have a fetish for names. I like holding them like pieces of puzzle in my hand, turn them around, look at them closely and then visualising what the person with that name would look like and be like in real life (this is so relatable for me!!!!!)
—> Your life on this earth is limited; don’t have attachments while you are here. Instead, focus on creating value and doing good deeds as long as you live.
—> A happy customer is always a delight.
—> No life is perfect; there is something that’s broken in each one.
—> Bad memories can come to haunt you sometimes.
—> When someone you dearly love walks away, never to return, it is a terrible feeling.
—> It’s strange to see, that someone who was a stranger till a few weeks back suddenly feels so close now.
—> To see your child happy takes away all the stress that life offers you during the day.
—> But then it’s never about what you want, life just happens.
—> There is no point in rewinding a film when one is not keen to watch it all over again.
—> You can’t wash away your sins that easily. Life makes you pay for them.
—> It’s good to be prepared. However sharp the questions are, you have already thought their answers through.
—> I don’t know what these gadgets are turning our kids into? They are making them a non- communicative, self-absorbed species.
—> The makeup that you wear is washed off by the pain that life grants you sometimes.
—> Time changes us, it turns us into different people than what we used to be.
—> If you fight a pig in shit, it is you who will get dirty, the pig will only enjoy.
—> It isn’t a lie when they say that love is a much stronger emotion than hate.
—> I chose my happiness over everybody else’s. I knew it was selfish of me but then for how long could I let my life be run by others, and for others. We have just one life to live. If I am not happy now, I won’t ever be.

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