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Sunset by the River by Sameer Saxena

Book blurb:

Love isn’t always simple. It sometimes has some of the most unexpected and inexplicable twists and turns as it unravels in one’s life. And more often than not, it also holds the power to break even the strongest of us. And who knows that better than Ayaan?
Ayaan Vaidya, a young, ambitious, successful techie working for the corporate world has it all going perfectly fine, until one routine afternoon, when, in the middle of a conference, his phone buzzes to life with a call from an unknown number. The caller, however, is well known. He ignores it, initially, but the caller is persistent. It isn’t until he gives in and attends to it that an unexpected Pandora’s Box gets unlocked that’ll set him down a road that’s absent of any U–turns. Will he reach his destination in time, or will it be too late by the time of his arrival?

Genre: Fiction/Romantic thriller

Pages: 173

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 49 INR/$2.99
  • Paperback: 199 INR (available only in India)

My ratings: 3.5/5

A love story with a twist. Ayaan and Tripti meet via a common friend and fall in love gradually. However, Tripti only considers Ayaan a close friend. But, Ayaan knows she’s holding back because of some reasons beyond his understanding. What are these reasons? That’s what this book is all about.

What I liked about the book :
—> Tells us a story about a much needed-to-be addressed issue, especially in India.
—> Does not portraysTripti’s father as a villain and draws home the point that he did what he did with the best intentions at heart.
—> Dedicates an entire chapter to Tripti’s PoV which helps us understand her turmoil better.
—> The friendship between Ayaan and Monisha which helps break the myth of ‘ek ladka ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte’
—> Does not belittle religious beliefs and spirituality and brings out the difference between science and faith quite well.

What I did not like about the book:
—> The first few chapters keep you hooked, however the narrative loses grip after Ayaan reaches India.
—> Tripti’s turmoil when she explains it to Ayaan could have been more crisp.

Quotable quotes:
—> “It’s complicated bro.”
“You’re an engineer, man. You folks are literally trained to solve complicated problems!”
—> It requires only the most uneducated and unaware mind so that it can just go on with the flow.
—> In friendship—real friendship—they say you can share everything, unless you don’t trust your friend. It is either a friendship or not. You just can’t make a deal that you will only disclose so and so clauses about yourself, and we will continue to stay in the contract.
—> Buts and ifs are for strangers, friends share butts and tits!
—> You can share your deepest, darkest concerns with such a friend and feel like you’ve outgrown those fears that had been suffocating you from the inside.
—> Projects and promotions and experiences, they’re all out there for you to grab any time, okay? LIFE, though; you only get one shot at that.
—> You can only make a change when you have the power to do so.
—> It’s always good to have someone by your side… someone who can listen to you in your darkest times. And, someone whom you can call and rely upon in the days when you cannot handle your own doubts.
—> The only thing that distracts us from our misery is the utter realness of the nature. It does not deceive us. It just presents itself as it is. No artificial behavior, no false expectations. It just conveys one message, be in the present and never expect anything in return.
—> There’s much more to life than a heartbreak, okay? And, friends are far more than just for helping each other. They are life.
—> I did what I would usually do in such a time. I took a deep breath, grabbed my blanket from the floor, fell back in my bed, and pulled it over, with the false hope that a long, deep sleep would undo everything that had gone wrong that day.
—> There’s hardly anything that’s not possible in this little world.
—> Why does some of the worst shit always only happen to good people?
—> Our most trusted ally and our dangerous enemy are both the same—our own imagination. Just imagine what you want, and you’re halfway there, that’s your ally; and then imagine what it would feel like, never finding what you are looking for, that’s your enemy.
—> Love is more powerful than anything in this world. It can move mountains.
—> One should not take any steps without considering the consequences at stake.
—> Whatever your heart feels might not always be true, but it does have a connection with what you can possibly become.
—> A journey without the phone is a real spiritual journey.
—> Love and support can heal us in ways medication can’t.
—> For reasons unknown to all, the word ‘disease’, in our society, has always been associated with just body, but not the mind.
—> It really takes a hugely personal loss to see things from a new perspective.
—> There is nothing wrong in being religious or spiritual; it actually helps your mind to stay calm and stress-free. The problems arise when people mix spirituality with superstitions.
—> Spirituality involves the belief in a divine energy which empowers your soul; whereas believing in it blindly for miracles and expecting things to just happen, to fall into place magically, that is superstition. The problem is people tend to go to these holy places—places that are actually meant for worship—expecting some miracles and magic, not to gain the actual spiritual energy that can be felt there.
—> It’s the deeds that make someone a true human, and the deeds fulfilled with ethics are what can make someone a God.
—> If spirituality is an art, then the science compliments it. But, if we start expecting art to make discoveries and inventions that actually science has taught us, then we are becoming superstitious.

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