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Yellow: The verses of hurting and healing by Urja Joshi

Book blurb:

“yellow is a poetry collection, divided into two phases: Mohi & Kabir. Mohi symbolises “”the hurting”” and Kabir is all about “”the healing”” that comes after it. a book written and illustrated by author,which is for everyone. for those who believe in love and compassion and for those who don’t. those who have healed and those who are still in process. those who aren’t able to move on and those who have successfully done it. it is for feminists, the activists, the believers, the gender norm shatterers.
it is a gift, a book on its journey to make difference in it’s reader’s life. 

Genre: Fiction/Poetry

Pages: 200

Format: Paperback/Kindle eBook


  • Kindle eBook: 100 INR/$1.99
  • Paperback: 250 INR/$9.00
  • Hardcover: 350 INR (available only in India)

My Ratings: 4.3/5

Self love , healing and growth in abundance in this poetic collection? Did you ever face a heartbreak or rejection? Do you ever doubt yourself and feel you are not good enough? Read this one for some healing and acceptance of the self.

What I liked about the book:
—> Abundance of motivating and healing words.
—> Almost every piece was relatable.
—> A perfect companion on a day when you’re feeling low or unmotivated.
—> Can be finished over a morning or evening cup of tea/coffee ( after all, a good book + a favourite beverage is the ideal combo for any reader)
—> All the little doodles/illustrations added a charm of their own. loved them all.
-> My favourite titles from the book are ‘Sometimes I write about you with my eyes closed’, ‘The thin line, we cross every time’, ‘They can not be the illness and the medicine both’, ‘For Women who don’t have a partner’ ‘It’s okay’ and ‘Do it for yourself’
—> The letters written to self (The letter of apology, The letter of hope and The letter of love) at the end were my favourite part of the book.

What I did not like about the book:
—> The poems in ‘Mohi’ section seemed to focus on heartbreak around love a lot and some of them felt repetitive and dull (heartbreak could be resulted from other things too I believe)
—> The poems in ‘Kabir’ felt a little preachy.

Quotable quotes:
—> To the heart.
you call it broken,
yet it is still beating
inside your chest.
—> What sort of love is that?
Which can only be spoken of
And not showed?
What sort of love is that?
Which exists only in your words
And not in your actions.
—> Do not talk about faith to me
I grew up believing
That I am not pretty
But the day he told me,
He thinks I am beautiful
I believed it
—> I was so yours
that I was never mine.
—> your heart beats for you more
Than it beats for anyone else.
—> And if you’ve to impress me
Do not compliment my skin deep beauty
Say that it’s my brain
and the way I see the world
which moves you.
—> Love is a feeling
And undoing it is not an option.
—> What is not okay
Is to not Love my own self.
To end all of it
Thinking that Tomorrow will never change.
It is not okay
To not give your life a chance
To show her good days
To you.
—> the moon
has the stars
But the sun is lonely.
If you shine Bright enough
You don’t really
Need anyone by your side.
Your love Makes enough light
For you
And the world.
—> What kind of Audacity I have.
I have never been there for me
And yet I expect the world
To be there
When I need help
When I need love.
—> Good or bad
It is not here
For long.
—> I need to know
If I feel empty
Only i can make
Myself full again.
—> And
if the future generations
Ever ask you
Who are women?
Tell them that
Women are everything
That men think they are not
—> We don’t need
The mouths
Who ask you,
“how are you?”
we need
Who listen to
Us genuinely
When we answer
The above question.
—> I grew up
Looking at the
The sunrises
How can I not believe
In beautiful endings
And hopeful Beginnings.
—> The biggest mistake
Is to promise them
That you will make them happy
When you haven’t
Made yourself happy
Since years.
The biggest mistake
Is to call everyone
Out there beautiful
And failing
To recognize
Your own beauty.
—> I am in a guilt. A guilt of loving everyone on this earth but myself.
—> You spend a lot of time thinking why aren’t you gorgeous like others or the other person why aren’t your hair thicker, skin fairer, voice sweeter, eyebrows more visible, breasts perkier, legs taller. I am here to tell you that you are the most beautiful human I have ever laid my eyes on and you are not gorgeous like them, because you are gorgeous like you. Some day you are not the world’s definition of beautiful then it is not a big deal. You are your own type and that is enough.

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