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Life Version 2 by Suhas Inamdar

Book blurb:

“Do millions of blurry notions about the ever-mystic subject of astrology intrigue you? Do you want to steer clear of all ambiguity that surrounds the mysterious phenomenon of life and death? Welcome to Life Version 2, a book that will surely unravel some of life’s biggest and the most intriguing questions. God gives us endless opportunities to script our Life Version 2! Go, grab one……Abhijeet, 60, is a successful entrepreneur who leads a contented life. Cricket, music and astrology are his deep obsessions. His life is running smooth until an appalling prediction is made that he is going to die within the next six months! This turns his life upside down. He prepares to die and exhibits unprecedented boldness by trying to complete all his pending tasks before he departs from this world. In a strange twist of fate, he does not die as predicted. When he goes in search of the person responsible for making the spectacularly wrong prediction, he unearths a sinister plot. Who is behind this intriguing conspiracy? How does he look at life after his close brush with death? Can he ever live the same life again? Step aboard Life Version 2 and get set to experience the unknown, the very essence of life! “

Genre: Fiction/Drama

Pages: 258

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Paperback: 227 INR/$2.99
  • Kindle eBook:181.31 INR/$11.99

My Ratings: 4/5

Our time on this earth is limited but what we do in that time is limitless. A successful business tycoon who leads an exemplary life and a well-balanced work-life equation, with a happy family, suddenly faces a challenge in the form of an astrological prediction which says he would die in the next six months. Read this book, to know what happens next.

What I liked about the book:
–> The protagonist, Mr. Deshmukh, is a complete package. He has an interest in, and ample knowledge about all fields like mythology, philosophy, religion, history, and many more.
–> Abhijeet Deshmukh’s ability to not only talk on various subjects, but also how he is reasonable and logical in explaining his viewpoints.
–> If read with an open-mind, it actually becomes a non-fiction self-help book on a myriad of things, right from philosophy to business.

What I did not like about the book:

–> It tends to provide context on each dialogue which becomes boring at times.
–> Lacks character development.

Quotable quotes:
–> Children learn a lot more by observing their parents than they learn in universities and colleges.
–>Senior citizens are entitled to love, admiration and honour. They have performed their duties with utmost sincerity, dedication and efficiency. They are vast oceans, rich in knowledge and experience. They can and they do contribute in a variety of ways. They look forward to spending their next phase of life happily. It is the foremost duty of the next generation to make it happen for them.
–>When we look at death through a philosophical lens, the fear of death is likely to dilute.
–> One should not dream small dreams. After all, dreams are free so why not let the sky be our dreams’ limit! Moreover, if dreams were small, achievements were bound to be small too.
–> Never try to imitate anyone in your life. You are a unique person. No one is like you in this whole world. Develop your unique entity to become bigger, instead of copying someone else to become big. Such achievement and success is sustainable, realistic and much better as well.
–> Integrity and fair play are the cornerstones of a prosperous business.
–> It takes years to build a reputation but it takes only one incident to tarnish it.
–> In business, we need to keep growing exponentially otherwise we face the risk of stagnation.
–> Any business which does not grow at a healthy percentage year after year, is a failure.
–> A ship is very safe in the harbour, but that is not what it is built for.
–> Good health and a well-toned body are never achieved by accident. One has to strive hard to achieve and maintain that.
–> Don’t worry too much and try to keep yourself always happy. Happiness is a state of mind and anyone can be happy at anytime. It is purely one’s choice whether to feel happy or not.
–>Failure is acceptable but low aim is a crime. 

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