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My Friend Genie : Knowing the Future Could Sometimes Be Dangerous by Suhas Inamdar

Book blurb:

What happens if one fine day you accidentally stumble upon a super power, which grants all your wishes, and even tells you about your future? Would your life turn out easier or get complicated and challenging? Experience the adventures and an array of emotions with Arun Deshpande, a middle-aged, middle-class person, as he unexpectedly gets a hold of a magical ring, which invokes a genie whenever he wears and rubs it. He is thrilled and starts enjoying the super power at his command. However, the real problem starts when others get to know about his secret powers and the mayhem breaks loose. His life turns upside down when the underworld and the intelligence agencies hound him vigorously to obtain the magical ring at any cost. Can he succeed in evading their onslaught and retain the ring with him? What is his outlook towards life after experiencing the supernatural powers of the genie? Is it always a boon to know the future? Enjoy the suspenseful joyride with My Friend Genie, a fantasy thriller.

Genre: Fiction/Fantasy thriller

Pages: 240

Format: Paperback/Kindle eBook


  • Kindle: 99 INR/$2.99
  • Paperback: 230 INR/$11.99

My Ratings: 4.3/5

A fictional story with a factual learning. What would you do if you could have everything you ever wanted? Though that sounds like an ideal life, the story in this book tells us that it comes at a cost and is not so ideal after all. If you like fiction that teaches important life lessons, and leaves you motivated and inspired, this should be your next read.

What I liked about the book:
—> The simplicity of Arun’s character and routine life, with a typical Indian middle class setting, which makes the story believable.
—> The conversations between Arun and the Genie.
—> The foundation of the perfect setting for the conclusion of what happens with the Genie.
—> The tragic incidents used in the story are actually inspired from real life tragedies and accidents.
—> How it effectively delivers the message of ‘We are our own Genie’

What I did not like about the book:
—> The initial scenes with the first few appearances of the Genie were predictable and dragged.
—> Some bits and parts were quite predictable.

Quotable quotes :
—> The real super power lies within oneself, in the form of self-confidence. Everyone has a genie – one has to learn to utilize his powers for achieving success and contentment in life.
—> The neighborhood in the true middle class is to some extent envious of one another, but hardly ever jealous of other’s blessings and accomplishments.
—> Heart goes by emotions, while mind believes in logic.
—> It is such a difficult exercise to know about something, and still pretend to be ignorant. Whenever faced with such situations, one has to be extremely careful in spelling out each word while discussing about the subject, as he may have to justify how he knew about something that he was not supposed to know, leading to a slippery trap where he has to cleverly continue speaking handful of lies to cover up his act. Further, these lies need to be remembered forever, because according to the listeners, that is what actually happened. It results in a vicious circle.
—> People tend to believe you more, when they do not understand your words and language correctly. The more incomprehensible you are, the chances of you being considered a Genius increase exponentially!
—> “How do you define something as right or wrong?”
“It is very simple. Anything, which is bad for people is wrong, and anything which is good for people, is right.”
“How do you define something as good or bad?”
“What do you mean? Is it so difficult to differentiate between good and bad?”
“Yes. Pardon me for contradicting your opinion on this subject, but good and bad are relative terms. They are highly subjective. Many times, it is your reference point, which makes you to interpret something as good or bad.”
—> The human mind is very weird. When a small bug of worry enters the thought process, the person fails to appreciate and enjoy the surroundings.
—> That is probably the reason why God does not reveal the future to mankind. People would not be able to maintain their composure if they get to know in advance about their good and bad moments from the future. Not everyone is emotionally strong. Their present would be absolutely ruined, thinking about those unpleasant moments from the future. They would stop enjoying their present completely.
—> The personality of a person is defined by his visual appearance.
—> Finally, what else does a person want from his life? Good health, adequate money to survive and peace of mind. Anything you earn more than this is extra and does not add significant value to the quality of life.
—> Learning is a lifelong process. One should stop learning only in his grave.
—> Excellence in any field has no finishing line.
—> Get independence from one more thing, which actually limits your growth. It is your ‘Lack of or limited Self-confidence’. Many dreams in this world are not fulfilled because people do not have enough self-confidence to pursue their dreams.
—> All of us have a Genie within us. That Genie is our self-confidence. Remember, no one can help a person, who does not know how to help himself. When you draw water from a well, do you fill a full bucket or a half-bucket? Would you accept your vehicle to give you half the fuel efficiency than what it is designed for? Would you accept half a salary ever? Would you accept half the items from a grocery store, by paying for the full list? The answer to all the above questions is a clear and unambiguous NO. Then why do you realize only half of your true potential in life?
—> Gain independence from your negative qualities such as self-doubt, procrastination, indecisiveness etc. and start believing in your capabilities. Unleash the real Genie in your life and watch the wonders happen. You deserve a better life than what you are living now. 

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