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Seasons by Priyam Acharya

Book blurb:

“Seasons” is an eclectic blend of works that would engage the seeker, the thinker, the die-hard romantic, the wanderer, the dreamer, the optimist, the sceptic, the artist, the closet philosopher and of course the poetry lover – there’s something for each of these! ‘The Silk Sari’ is about self-discovery, ‘Glass Shields Glass’ talks about a beautiful yet complicated relationship, ‘Barcelona’ poignantly describes the magnificence of the incomplete Basilica with a deeper view how often the imperfection is sweeter than perfection, ‘The Doodle’ reminisces a love from the past, ‘Varanasi’ is a reflective piece on spirituality. Sit back and embark upon a soul-searching journey, with your copy of ‘Seasons’.

Genre: Poetry/Fiction

Format: Paperback/Kindle eBook

Pages: 178


  • Paperback: 199 INR/$10.00
  • Kindle: 105 INR/$2.99

My Ratings : 4.5/5

It’s very rare that I pick up a poetry book. A stickler to fiction and novels, this one surprisingly appealed to me because of it’s catchy cover design (nature lover that I am!) and I was sold completely thanks to the author bio plus the blurb on the backside of the book. The poet (or rather poetess) is a lawyer by qualification but she gave up that well established profession of hers, for the love of writing! And I at least feel thankful that she because how would poetry lovers like me have gotten Seasons. Seasons is a compilation of 162 poems and honestly that’s a lot to take in even for a bibliophile like me, which is why it took me over a month to get through the book. But that’s about the only complain I have with the book because even though the poems are a lot in quantity, their quality hasn’t been affected.

Some of the poems are a longer read than the others, and honestly I did find the shorter ones (the 5-6 liners) more interesting and thought provoking than the long ones, but that doesn’t make any of the poems any less worthy of a read or appreciation. For those who love the romance genre in poetry, this will be a heart stealer for sure as the love poems are quite a few and all quite well written.

All in all, a great read! As I read the last poem, even though I had read 162 poems already, I turned the page expecting and wanting to read more! I’d recommend poetry as well as non-poetry lovers to give it a try.

Quotable quotes:

–> I’m a prisoner of our memories.
But do I call this a prison?
I knew not
That a prison could also be a refuge.

–> Sometimes love enters your life
Like a drop of the ink in water.
Water may not take the colour
Of the ink in its entirety,
But the colour of water,
Will never be the same

–> You are like the unfinished sentence from the book I kept aside –
too heavy for me to read.
But those words from that unfinished sentence
revisit me every time I think of that book
intriguing me, mystifying me, captivating me…
Maybe I should have held on a little longer.
Maybe I should have allowed the book some time to grow on me.
Perhaps I put that book aside just too soon.

–> Sometimes love enters your life like a drop of the ink in the water. Water may not take the colour of the ink in its entirety, but the colour of water will never be the same.
–>I tried to shed away your thoughts like the tree sheds leaves every autumn. But your thoughts grow back on me faster than the leaves return to the tree every spring.
–>No matter how much it may rain, the ocean will never turn into freshwater. There may be so many people around you who may never acknowledge what you do for them. Be like the rain. Don’t change your element just due to those who are like salty ocean.

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