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MURDER BEFORE CARNIVAL: A Tale Of The Floating Body by Sameer Kumar

Book blurb:

When a heinous crime attacks a religious proceeding, the Chief Minister vows to solve the case in 48 hours, only to be betrayed by her own doctrine or was she! The state assembly election was due in West Bengal, and the festival of democracy was to inaugurate itself in 60 hours. The stakes soared rooftop when a lifeless corpse was found inside an idol during the celebration of Durga Puja. The sizzle and chill was observed by all. Aahana, an independent psychologist, was assigned the case in isolation by higher authorities when it was ascertained that the murder was being covered-up internally. How deep she can go to exhume the purpose of enormity is for her to decide

Genre: Fiction/ Crime & Murder Mystery

Pages: 117

Format: Kindle eBook

My Ratings: 3.9/5

Religious and political turmoil gets further conflicted in this shrouded murder mystery. A dead body is found in the most shocking and ghastly scenario. From the policeman who is handling the case, to the minister who backs and supports the investigation, everyone is under the radar of suspicion. Read this murder mystery to find some of the most haunting answers.

What I liked about the book:
—> The character name list and their role in the story laid out right in the beginning.
—> The way the murder and crime is committed (or rather described and narrated) is gruesome and bone chilling; which points to the writing capacity of the author.
—> That everyone is playing their own game and is a suspect or ally to the crime.
—> The political and religious scenario In Kolkata is brought out well.
—> The level of suspense and thrill is maintained throughout.
—> The open ended conclusion about the whereabouts of one of the lead characters.

What I did not like about the book:
—> The narrative style is inconsistent.
—> The PoVs change abruptly which make the reading confusing.
—> The character sketches and background stories of each character could have been laid out more clearly.

Quotable quotes:
—> Before the flame fell on the ground,
Before the flame could rest,
Hitherto the matchstick bent itself
Enormity had stepped abreast.
—> Escape will always be an escape. It is like running and never stopping.
—> Many a time, humans themselves cloud their thoughts, and knowing about oneself helps in some sense.
—> We all want to blame someone for the incidents but our own selves.
—> It was not the first time that a dead has been the dice of play for the game of power.
—> In the times of election, the decree of emotion decides the democratic outcome.
—> Civilization was never meant to live fairly but to let the class suppress the poor and seemingly uncultured.
—> Divide and rule was a design of Britishers. They are gone, we need to move on. We can’t let the country be ruled for another century with the same Cow and Goat concept. The civics of the society needed some wrenching.
—> Everyone takes a new skin every second. How can one be the same all the time?
—> People are identified not with what they speak but what they hide.
—> Usually, people have esteem on words or paper, and on them alone they decay.
—> Men know not the right time to talk about irrelevant subjects.

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