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Giran: Priceless Memories by Sahil Miglani

Book blurb:

This book is a collection of poems that showcase the essence of romance, heartbreak, fiction, hardship and friendship. The author feels that one who reads these poems can relate to them. He feels that at the end of the day, everyone just needs love and affection from that one person who can make them smile. Poems like khud se mulaqaat, Bachpan, Bas tera zikr hai, sawera and many more are inspired by the author’s life. The poems in this book are a blend of several emotions such as happiness, loneliness, nostalgia and love.

Genre: Fiction/Poetry

Pages: 144

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 70 INR/$2.99
  • Paperback: 150 INR/$9.99

My Ratings 4/5

The poems in this book depict a wide array of feelings and quite admirably so. Read this one if you’re a lover of Hindi poetry and language.

What I liked about the book:

—> The beautiful cover.
—> Light and quick read, and yet an impactful one.
—> It covers a wide range of topics.
—> Has abstract as well as rhyming scheme poems.
—> Absolutely loves the poems titled ‘Chalo aaj ek nayi patang udaate hai’, ‘Ek Dost’, ‘Uphaas’ and ‘Manzil’

What I did not like about the book:

—> It would have made a deeper impact in Hindi text rather than using English text for Hindi.

Quotable quotes:

—> Chalo aaj ek nayi patang udaate hai.
Palkon mein basse khwabon Se,
Naye rishtey sajate hai.
—> Dooriyon ko hum waqt pe
Kyun chod dete hain,
Ek doosre se muh kyun mod lete hai.
—> Yaadon mein base ho,
Nigahon se kab jaoge.
Zehen mein chhipe ho,
Iraadon se kab jaoge.
Un rahon Se kab jaoge,
Khwabon Se Kab jaoge,
Marham toh nahi laga paye,
Par zakhmon Se kab jaoge.
—> Dekha hai us dost ko aaj, ek aise mukaam par,
ke usse ab aankhein main mila na paya.
—> Bereham si hai yeh duniya,
Bewajah mazaak udaati hain,
Baat baat pe taane de jaati hain
—> Muqaddar se nahi bante raaste,
Raaste bante hain iraadon se.
Chattano se nahi rukti aandhiyan,
Na rukti pahadon se. Hausla ho toh milti hai manzil,
Nahi milti manzil haar jaane se…
—> Kuch apne mile the jo apne na the,
Kuch begaano Se dil ki baat hui.
—> Zindagi ki raah mein,
Mushkilein milengi har kadam,
Apne na saath de toh,
Gairon mein dhoond lo hum dum…
—> Chalo aaj koi geet naya gungunaate hain
Muskurate hue palon ko phir sajaate hain,
Chipe hua aanshuon ko bhulatein hain,
Nayi ek duniya phir basaate hain,
Aaj phir ek naya sawera hai…
—> Andhare mai kyu rehte ho,
Ujaalo mein aa jao,
thoda sa muskura jao.
Ilm Nahi hai toh naseehat na diya karo,
Andharo ne mujhe panah di hai

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