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The Unsolved case of an Indian Woman by Puneeth JH

Book blurb:

Meet Tandel, more precisely, Miss Tandel. A forty-year-old advocate, who fights corruption, solves crimes and stops women harassment.

“You are gonna die soon.” She received a threatening note.

“There is no evidence, madam. I guess you are overthinking.” The Police officer had said.

“You are hallucinating. You may be Paranoid.” The doctor added.

> Everyone thinks she was mad!
She was not.
Or was she?

To know the truth, read her story— “The Unsolved Case Of An Indian Woman”, and explore a riot of perspectives.

Genre: Fiction/Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Pages: 117

Format: Kindle eBook/Paperback


  • Kindle eBook: 59 INR/$1.30
  • Paperback: $6.96

My Ratings: 4.2/5

Depicting the story of a successful middle aged lawyer, Miss Tandel, this book has all the right mix of ingredients of a crime and mystery thriller to keep you hooked.

What I liked about the book:

—> The parallel present and past storylines which keep the reader curious about the identity of the characters.
—> The bits with information about Portuguese rule in the Union Territories of India, Project MKUltra, application called spoof-card, Braid’s eye fixation, et al, felt like a bit of GK added to a fiction book and I found that very insightful and knowledgeable.
—> Being from Gujarat myself, I loved that the story is around Vapi and Daman, and even talks a bit about my hometown Surat.
—> All the characters are portrayed in a manner that makes the reader suspicious about them.
—> How the ending is left open to depiction.

What I did not like about the book:

—> Sneha Tandel seems to be a smart woman, so it was kind of difficult to understand why she fell for and trusted Dr.Patel so easily.
—> The back and forth, and even the conversations of Sneha Tandel with so many characters became confusing for me as a reader.

Quotable quotes:

—> Psychiatric consultations are like an open-heart surgery. Once we cut the skin, it’s not enough that we fix the problem, we should also sew back the wound.
—> ‘The only way you can control stress is by believing that you are not stressed. That’s the medicine.’ ‘Can belief be a medicine?’ ‘Yes, it can. Belief is both, strength and weakness. You just have to believe that you are happy, that solves half the problem.’
—> We all need to adjust according to the situations but there are times when we need to face the situation and take the appropriate action when we have the strength to do so before it’s too late. Walk out before you need to jump.
—> Meenu looked at her mother in astonishment. Her mother always had a plan. Maybe that is what real women do.
—> Love is fated, and no one can choose his or her companion.
—> ‘What makes a perfect love conversation?’ He asked. ‘Maybe… It’s just LOVE!’ She answered. The doctor smiled as she continued, ‘Only love makes a perfect love conversation. Because, even when the conversation ends, all that remains is love,’
—> Fighting the war is easy but not when you have to fight against your loved ones. Win or lose. It hurts either way.
—> True love is something when two people would do anything for each other even without seeing each other.
—> Curiosity has made man invent everything that we see around.
—> The world seems to be beautiful when one is in love.
—> Death is like a game of rolling dice. No matter who plays it for you, it will always remain uncertain. It can come anytime. No matter who protects you. When you have to go, you have to go. There is no choice. But what seemed to be worse was the fear of death. 

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