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The Crow by her Window by A.K. Raj

Book blurb:

Fifteen-year-old Rima is missing from her home and no one has a clue where she is. Police begin their investigation but can her parents cope with the revelations that follow?

Genre: Fiction/Thriller

Pages: 36

Format: Kindle

Price: 49 INR/$ 0.99

My Ratings: 4/5

A young girl from a wealthy and affluent family goes missing one day. She is an introvert, lonely girl, with very few friends. Where did she disappear to and if abducted, who took her? Read this one to know the answers, and prepare to be surprised not just by the answers but also the reasons they unravel.

What I liked about the book:
—> It manages to keep you hooked with its build up and narrative.
—> Mohit and Rohini are never portrayed to be bad parents, just someone who fail to understand where they went wrong.
—> Tells the latter story from the PoV of Rima (the teenage protagonist who goes missing) which helps us understand her choices better.
—> The crow by the window angle which so subtly explains that we all need someone who can listen to us without judging us.

What I didn’t like about the book:
—> It loses grip in the second half and tends to becomes a bit too preachy.
—> I wish there was more to Chotu’s character.
—> The ending of the book, with Chotu and Rima’s conversation is a little confusing.

Quotable quotes:
—> You don’t know the value of what you have till you have lost it.
—> That’s social media for you. At least, everyone is having a more than perfect life in their virtual worlds.
—> I call it ‘scheduled love’. My parents have a timetable for everything. As if we are machines that are programmed to do certain tasks at certain times. And loving their daughter is a task that is scheduled for weekends. It’s like, I don’t even exist on weekdays.
—> You cannot love someone with a timetable. It’s not natural. You might be spending time with the person but that cannot be love.
—> The world out there is full of people who will manipulate your thoughts and make you believe what they say to take advantage of you. All you have to do is ask yourself if you have taken the effort to make things work for you? You talked about love not needing a timetable. You are right, but love has to be unconditional as well. Then why couldn’t you love without the condition of them loving you back?
—> Having a plan and schedule is ideal, but unfortunately, we cannot schedule our emotions. We don’t even realize that our devices have become dearer to us than the people around us. We have become just another profile on social media and messenger apps, and data points for machines to learn. At work, we have become mere names on a spreadsheet with numbers against us, and at school or college, we are a roll number with grades against us. Somewhere amidst all the chores and chaos, we are lost, and knowingly or unknowingly, we are all guilty. Eventually, we end up blaming the circumstances at work, parenting, education and other systems around us instead of trying to find a balance. If only each one of us understood the importance of this balance, perhaps we could have been there for each other more. Maybe, just maybe, someone might need us more than we know.

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