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Sofia on the Balcony by Himanshu Goel

Book blurb:

Rajiv Arora was no ordinary painter. He created his first piece of art when he was just in college at the age of twenty. In just 15 years, he had built an enviable reputation the world with his breathtaking paintings. His last painting “Soul of the Mountain” was sold for a whopping 2 Crore Rupees in an auction. There was just one problem, he was not able to paint anymore. Follow his journey to the river island of Majuli in Assam as he rediscovers himself in this flash read by Himanshu Goel.

Genre: Fiction/Drama

Pages: 26

Format: Kindle

Price: 99 INR/$2.99

My Ratings: 4/5

An artist never loses his creativity

A nice, quick read which teaches us that one’s creativity can never be lost and that the reasons behind a blocked mind run deeper than what it may appear to the blind eye.

What I liked about the book:
—> Stanzin’s eccentric character.
—> Effectively conveys the message that emotional trauma and personal tragedies don’t just leave behind grief, they affect our minds on a deep level as well.
—> Tells is that our creativity and artistic talent can be healing and a great outlet to overcome grief.
—> The imagery and narration of Majuli. I’m so tempted to visit this place after reading about it in this book.

What I did not like about the book:
—> I wanted to know a little bit more about Stanzin and even the bonding between Rajiv and Stanzin, like what was the teacher-student camaraderie before Rajiv became a famous artist, how did she teach him all he knew about art, etc
—> I wish there were more characters than just Rajiv, Stanzin and Sanju. Maybe other students than Sanju who were under Stanzin’s training.
—> What happened to Sanju?

Quotable quotes:
—> The room was a mess of paint splashes, brushes and torn canvases, the absurd combination formed a painting of its own kind on the floor.
—> There was a simplistic beauty to Majuli. The grass was the greenest of greens and the sky was the bluest of blues.
—> Not everything you do has to be perfect. Don’t stop, let it be a bad painting, let it be an imperfect work of art.
—> Rajiv was feeling better, Sanju and Stanzin were good company. He was used to being amongst elite art circles but it was refreshing to be in the company of the people who loved painting for painting’s sake.
—> The mind of an artist controls logic, it teaches him how to hold the brush, how to mix the paint, but nothing more.” She explained. “The heart controls the emotions, it teaches him how to feel, how to make others feel by his work. But most important is the soul. The soul is the reason we exist, the source of life. The soul of the artist gives life to any art. It is what transforms a simple piece of paper into a living breathing creation.

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