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And We Walked Away by Subrat Saurabh

Book blurb:

And We Walked Away revolves around the friendship of three friends in college, with a love story blooming in their hearts. It connects to the kind of boys who are in love and keep trying to convince the same girl in different ways for a long time, not moving on in life. Also, it talks about the kind of girls who don’t believe in love but also, don’t want to take advantage of a boy’s feelings. The girls who are not conservative but don’t want to pursue love. Abhimanyu, a well-known author returns to his engineering college in Bangalore after a decade and notices a lot of changes in the college over this period. It reminds him of how he met his ladylove, Naina on the first day of college and fell in love with her at the first sight. Abhimanyu, being an impulsive, stubborn and impatient guy decides to propose her in a rush. She doesn’t believe in love and has her own reasons for it. Abhimanyu with the help of his friends Aarush and Dev proposes and tries to convince Naina many times in unusual ways but he fails miserably. However, a trick helps to melt her heart, but destiny has a different plan.

Genre: Fiction/Romance

Pages: 200

Format: Kindle/ Paperback


  • Kindle: 75 INR/$3.99
  • Paperback: 200 INR/ $11.99

My Ratings: 4/5

A story of hope, in love, friendship and life. This is a recommended one for all those who like and appreciate love stories , especially those circling around college days. A lot of readers will be able to relate and recall their own youthful days, where life circled around friends and studies.

What I liked about the book :

—> Doesn’t talk about just one couple or focus only on love. There are other couples involved and more importantly elements of other important relationships like family, friends, etc.
–> The title of the story which is not what you think at first. I totally loved how it made sense in the end, because I expected it to be a sad or open ending, but it turned out quite unexpected.
—> Though a light hearted read, gives back a lot to think about and learn from.

–> Gives an insight into college and hostel days, especially engineering colleges. I especially liked this part part because it was a nostalgia ride back to some of the best moments of my own life from my college days.
—> Teaches us to never give up on our hopes and dreams, be it about relationships or about our aims and ambitions on the professional front.

Quotable quotes :

—> You will always feel blessed if you reminisce your best memories.
—> Technology has connected us virtually, but it’s also the reason that we are apart evermore.
—> Everyone has that potential to chase a dream, it just needs a spark and a little bit of acceleration.
—> Being in love and assuming to be in love are two different things.
—> Life gives another chance to everyone, you just need to keep your eyes open.
—> If you want to judge what have you lost or gained over the years then you should return to a place from where you started, at least once in a lifetime.
—> You are influenced with what you see, what you read.
—> It’s not the relationship which creates the confusion, it’s the expectation behind a relationship which creates confusion and disappoints us. 

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