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Some Earth Poetry by Bharath Kumar Kunjibettu

Book blurb:

Some of the most profound experiences of life are best expressed through poetry.

Some Earth Poetry is one such anthology based on true stories and profound life experiences.

An anthology that touches upon the Spiritual, Environmental, Inspirational and many more aspects of life.

These simple yet interesting collections of poems are meant to give a new dimension to reading poetry.

Genre: Fiction/Poetry

Format: Kindle/Paperback


  • Kindle: 59 INR/$1.19
  • Paperback (only available in India): 180 INR

My Ratings: 3.5/5

Every element of earth included in this charming collection. With various topics from school studies to college studies, and work life to environmental imbalance, this poetry book has it all. Those who enjoy non-abstract poetry with a strict rhyming scheme, will surely enjoy this book. I like how the author has jotted down a poetic expression for each of the experiences and stages in life that helped him grow as a person.

Quotable quotes:

—> There is no point worrying about the past or future, To be in this present moment should be our only nature.

—> That is why we bow down to every soldier, Handling dangerous situations with perfect composure.

—> We managed to study innumerable subjects, In the laboratories, we played with all possible objects!

—> Least bothered about Communalism or Nationalism, But, automatically brimming ourselves with Patriotism. We made friends out of sheer outpour of Humanity, We barred cast or religion for friendship credibility.

—> Mathematics class was a tense situation, With teacher giving all students imposition ( loved this one the most because I have always disliked Maths)

—> The spice flavours in every food items were tantalizing, We ate beyond our stomach capacity without realizing! ( loved this one because I’m a foodie and can totally relate)

—> I appreciate their idea on sustainability, After all, it is every individual responsibility, To conserve this planet and environment, And utilize resources as per one’s requirement. Everyday work here has some learning, That is why we Keep Reinventing!

—> If its global climate that you need to tame, Then we need to come out of mutual blame.

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