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Dying to live ( #2 Sick of being healthy ) by Monisha K. Gumber

Book blurb:

When nothing matters anymore… Megha, a young super-achiever with a perfect life has all that is needed to be happy. After all why wouldn’t she? A swimming champion, school topper, popular, good-looking girl with amazing friends and loving parents. What more could a girl ask for? A lot, actually. Because even when she has it all; she sulks and does the unthinkable. A grave mistake that could take her to her grave. But survivor that she is, she breaks through the wall of ‘perfections’ and accepts that she is what she is: sad, vulnerable and confused. Oh, don’t get her wrong, as she puts up a tough fight to reach where she is meant to be. And on the way learns some lessons that will take her through this amazing journey called life. A happy kind of life.

Genre: Fiction/Teenage Drama

Pages: 242

Format: Kindle/Paperback


  • Kindle: 69 INR/$7.00
  • Paperback: 171 INR/$10.00

My Ratings: 4/5

I expected this one to be a predictable teenage chick lit kind of book (which it is on a certain level) but it turned to dish out some pearls of wisdom which we all could learn about and implement in our lives. Circling around the life of a teenage girl Megha who is a high achiever all around, the book deals with a lot of issues faced not only by teenagers but even the elders (esp parents) around them.

What I liked about the book:
-> The obvious flaws in almost all main as well as side characters.
-> How broken relationships of parents impact children and teenagers.
-> How most parents put pressure on their children to be best at everything instead of teaching them to focus on one thing they can be the best at.
-> The way physical abuse in a relationship is normalised and why it shouldn’t be.
-> The bits of humour added from the point of view of a teenager.
-> The doodles of all characters and various scenes which broke the monotony of reading just text.

What I didn’t like about the book:
-> Almost predictable in most parts
-> Very less focus on other characters (like the protagonist’s parents, her grandmother,etc)

Quotable quotes

Funny quotes:
-> At first opposites attract but later, opposites attack.
-> When you see a handsome hunk in orange singing bhajans with an American accent – you can’t be blamed for joining the spiritual movement.
->Momager – a mom who is also your manager.
->If you are still intrigued, please go on Wikipedia and spare me
->There should be a law against grown-ups discussing their relationships with their children.
->If you are an Indian student you belong to the breed that doesn’t let go of any opportunity to make it to their teacher’s imaginary list of ‘good children’.

Wisdom quotes:
->Who would believe that a person could be tired of winning all the time? What We don’t realise is that even if you get tired of winning, you still don’t ever want to fail.
->Unless you actually get down to work, you will create nothing but doubts in your mind about your own abilities.
->Seeking help doesn’t make you weak, but admitting that you need it, is a sure sign of strength
->Death is not the greatest loss. The greatest loss is what dies inside you while you’re still alive.
->If get too used to winning,failure is the best thing that can happen to you
->Happily ever after does not mean together.
->Scarred tissue is stronger than regular tissue
->When you are older and on your own – whether you were a prom queen or a class monitor or the most popular girl in school – it has got nothing to do with how well you will do in life. And how well you do in life has nothing to do with how successful you are.

All in all a good read, recommended for teenagers and parents alike!

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