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Rakshabandhan by Nishtha Shrivastava

Book Blurb:

“Rakshabandhan is a two way clear crystal, where a brother named Hansit stains the beauty of this relationship, little Gourav who couldn’t even speak was the energy source for Nisha. Rakshabandhan is a critic on the artificial social frames and sketches the dark reality that changed the life of a little girl Nisha. Rakshabandhan is the most sacred and valued bond between two individuals of the opposite gender and the expectations that are framed from one another are enormous. This story unfolds the battle of a little one from the modern tantrums of a couple, their hardships of being together and the ignorance that a child faces due to the differences between her parents. The expectations that she keeps from a cousin brother and the shivering end that brings peace to everybody else’s life and leaves her in a never ending pain.”

Genre: Fiction/Drama

Pages: 194

Format: Kindle/Paperback


  • Kindle: 100 INR/$1.33
  • Paperback (only available in India): 220 INR

My Ratings 3.5/5

Have you ever been sexually assaulted or harassed and never had the courage to tell someone about it? This book deals with the trauma of not only facing such an assault but also about having to live through it repeatedly, without having anyone you can share it with, or someone who can protect or understand you under such a situation. It also sheds light on a lot of other things that women have to deal with and are judged about.

What I liked about the book:
—> Makes us realise that most cases of molestation happen right at home and the predators are generally from the family or the trusted and close circle itself.
—> The title and story are not what it initially seems like.
—> The way it talks about how separation of parents can affect the children.
—> Makes us wonder about and question the whole title of Rakshabandhan and the supposed ‘bond of protection’ which seems to be such a hoax paradox after reading the book.

What I did not like about the book:
—> The prologue and epilogue seemed disoriented from the rest of the story; as in the timeline was all confusing.
—> The ending was inconclusive and there were many questions left unanswered.

Quotable quotes:
—> Tears help you in releasing your pain, so it’s better to cry and let it flow out.
—> Music can do wonders and can bring you up from the deepest grave too.
—> At times I really think how restricted we all are in the ways of the society. The prestige and the so-called obligations of the society make us so formal that we cannot be ourselves even with our close ones.
—> With whom can we be so free to open ourselves like a book? As everyone around us will keep judging us with their own opinions.
—>If you are well-wishers of someone you will always try to pull up a drowning soul from his/her feeling of anxiety and not bring up the topic. If you are a gossip monger and an audience to people’s miseries you will dig into their wounds and let them bleed well and leave them behind with scars forever.
—> Life is not that generous to all of us, it has its own plans and there are steep steps to be climbed. We cannot miss a few steps and hop onto the ones above them, but we need to taste the bitter and sour too to realize the importance of sweetness.

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