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The R&AW Recruit I by Shivam Jayant

Book Blurb:

At URI Dozens of Army men Killed. Whole of Bharat in shock, every detail of the attack a matter of national security. The details are kept in R&AW. The hero of the attack A Muslim Captain in hiding, thrown out of army picked up by the R&AW Recruit I. A R&AW agent running away from her own home in Delhi scared out of her wits. A team of terrorists right on her tail. The last thing she contacts to her superiors “Attack on Rashtrapati Bhavan imminent PM and President not safe, R&AW needs the help of R&AW Recruit I again” Who is this R&AW Recruit I? Why are the PM and President not safe of the greatest Democracy of the world? Why is R&AW conducting operations in India? Why isn’t I.B. handling internal Indian matter?

Genre: Fiction/War

Pages: 93

Format: Kindle

Price: 65 INR/$1.20

My Ratings: 3.5/5

Elements of patriotism combined with suspense and thrill. I haven’t read many books about war and army, hence I was hooked. For those that like stories about bravery, patriotism and war, this would make a nice read.

What I liked about the book:
–> The three main characters had diverse backgrounds which made the story quite interesting.
–> The story tells us about true and real life heroes aka our army men compelling us to reflect on our own ideas of patriotism.
–> The plot and story keep you hooked till the end.

What I did not like about the book:
–> The narrative style lacks consistency and hence gets confusing (I had to read several dialogues twice or thrice to understand)

Buying details:

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