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Beyond Lies by Alka Dimri Saklani

Book Blurb:

Hi, I am Tia Bakshi. Nobody knows where I am. Hell, even I don’t know where I am. I don’t even know who my captor is, my blindfold doesn’t allow me to see anything. I don’t even know how this will end. Can anyone be more clueless about their lives? Tied up in this jilted place I have little to do, but reminiscence my old life. I had it all; a loving family, a dependable friend, a compassionate fiancé, a dream job. I never had time to analyze my relationships then, but now in this god-forsaken place, amid fear and doubts, all I have is time and I can see the cracks I ignored for so long.

And I am forced to question; was my life really perfect?
Or was it a perfect lie? Twisted and dark, Beyond Lies, explores the complexities of the human mind, a mind that can lead to dangerous paths and sometimes, harm the one it seeks to protect.

Genre: Thriller/Fiction

Pages: 207

Format: Kindle eBook

Price: 49 INR/$2.99

My Ratings: 4.5/5

This one is a nail biting thriller that keeps you hooked till the very end.

I read such a thrilling book, which made me excitedly look forward to the time I could go back to reading it, after a really long time. The ‘What happens next?’ and ‘OMG, I did not expect that’ moments and elements in this one, make it a great read.

What I liked about the book:

—> The story is told from the PoVs of all the main characters, which makes us doubt everyone.
—> The end really really takes you by surprise (kudos to the author for this one as I’m usually able to correctly guess the culprit in most of the suspense and thriller books that I read)
—> Tia’s character is so relatable, innocent and likeable that we are immediately drawn to her and feel hatred towards the culprit even without knowing their identity.
—> Samar and Tia’s chemistry and the way their intimate scenes have been written and narrated.
—> The little rhymes that the captor plays to Tia, which give us a sense of foreboding.
—> The way it deals with the fact that childhood traumas can mar a person’s mental health for lifetime.

What I did not like about the book:

—> Tia’s character is sometimes annoying because of the way she blindly trusts everyone, despite them having done wrong with her.
—> I wish there was more to Simran’s and Kiara’s character.

Quotable Quotes:

—> Isn’t fear the first step towards precaution?
—> If someone denies you something, make sure they return to you begging for the same thing someday.
—> I don’t know anymore
If I nurture my feelings or my feelings nurture me.
I don’t know anymore
If I destroy my feelings or my feelings destroy me.
—> She is innocent. Naïve. And beautiful. Isn’t that a deadly combination to invite danger?
—> Kindness is sexy.
—> My lonely world wants only you,
My heart and soul seek only you,
You imprisoned me,
How can I set you free?
—> Trusting someone is not a sin, but you might be punished for it.
—> In real life, who can recognize the monster? Why don’t they have big teeth? How the hell can one recognize the monster hidden beneath an average or even beautiful face? Why were those stories so far away from reality and why the hell were they so widespread?
—> I am love, a little too strong,
a little too mad, a little too hard.
What do you call me?
Beautiful or Dangerous?
—> You think only people and places can turn to memories?
Don’t you? You are wrong.
The way you love, hope and hurt;
it all can turn to a memory someday.
—> It is when the hunger is pulled above the primal level that other feelings raise their head; fear, hatred, anger…
—> Sometimes our core is tethered so strongly to the past that we can’t move ahead with it, if we have to move, we must leave those stubborn parts of us. Yes, that means splitting in two, a part that we carry with us and a part that is left behind.
—> The mind is like a deep sea, most people just swim on the surface. Some try to touch the depths and swim back to the surface, but there are some like me who can’t swim back, who struggle and collapse in those depths.
—> I can’t name that feeling, but I can compare it to a little seed that just pushed out from the dark shell of the earth and sees the sunlight for the first time. That first breath after a long suffocation, that is how I feel in this moment.
—> Children who grow up unloved see the world through the lens of insecurity. They believe they aren’t destined to be loved, so when they are, they hold on too tight, too scared the world will snatch away what belongs to them. Their loneliness scares them more once they experience love because then they know what they have been missing out on, they know the vast difference between living a life and merely passing through it.
—> Love is a beautiful feeling, hatred is ugly, but love and hatred towards the same person is daunting.
—> Sometimes our broken pieces lie in the past. But we need to move on with whatever is left of us.

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