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When I Find You by Shalini P. Sawkar

Book Blurb:

Nikhil catches a last-minute flight from Delhi to Bengaluru on a personal mission, but it is only the beginning. Will his journey bear fruit or be an utter waste of time?
Meanwhile, Vidya is meddling in matters she ought not to interfere in.
Can love be delusional? With dark secrets buried deep, who will win in this battle of wits?

Genre: Fiction/Crime Thriller

Pages: 25

Format: Kindle

Price: 10. 62 INR/$0.19

My Ratings: 3.9/5

For lovers of crime and thriller genre, you have a new author whose works you need to look out for. This novella keeps you excited about ‘What will happen next?’, till the very end.

What I liked about the book:
-> Crisp and to-the-point writing.
-> The villain’s clear agenda and no-remorse attitude.
-> How ‘two and two’ is put together by Vidhya ( a character who is observing the villain’s actions from the sidelines)/
-> Subtle hints to the villain’s philandering and misogynistic nature.
-> A story one can easily visualise in their mind while reading, which shows the writing proficiency of the author.

What I didn’t like about the book:
-> The ending seemed abrupt leaving a few loose ends; but I guess that’s what makes it more thrilling.

Buying details:

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