Wonder Women

When You Believe That One Should Never Stop Dreaming ~ A Journalist, Content Creator & Entrepreneur Shares Her Story

Charlotte Brontë said,

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.”

In this week’s #FridayFeature blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment we bring to you the story of a woman who is the living embodiment of the above quote. She dons multiple professional hats and follows all her passions, quite effectively so. Meet, Journalist, Content Creator, Blogger, Social Activist, TV Debater and Entrepreneur, Saksshi A Mattoo. She is the founder of The Urban Elephant, a furniture and interior brand and she is also the founder of a blog by the name of Momzila, which shares blogs on various parenting, décor, lifestyle and culinary topics. Saksshi has also been a part of more than 10 anthology books in which her various stories and poems have been published. Besides this she is also a journalist and social activist. So, how does she manage these multiple professional roles and what keeps her motivated to pursue them all with equal passion? Let’s find out in her own words.


“My father got hooked me to news and it is was only natural that I grew up to be a professional journalist. Enamoured by the art of storytelling, though I continued to switch careers, the passion stayed. To cut a long story short, writing is my oxygen! Although I am a furniture manufacturer and run my own brand- The Urban Elephant but writing is where my heart and soul lies! Besides, I am an activist and Delhi Spokesperson of India4Kashmir (a pan-India movement working to reclaim the lost ground & rehabilitation of India in Kashmir).  

My favorite quote I truly resonate with is “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly” by Robert F. Kennedy. It’s always a struggle to strike a chord between your passion & livelihood and life is all about overcoming this challenge overwhelmingly. No matter what the situation, I write to unwind, to break the monotony of the mundane and to escape into the world of my protagonists!

I’m not cut out for politics and being politically correct has been my fault line that I’m still trying to fix! That’s when plunging into an entrepreneurial journey began and there has been no looking back since. As a Kashmiri Pandit in exile, it is my duty to serve the community and when the opportunity knocked, I couldn’t resist. Writing is a parallel equivalent to everything else that I do in my life!

I believe the Shakti in us is enough to keep us motivated; and that’s what keeps me motivated at least. My mother and my guru (Mrs Jeeja Purohit) are my greatest inspirations as well. Other than this, every audacious woman who has achieved her dreams by confronting obstacles inspire me a great deal! The “yearning to accomplish my dreams” keeps me going. Thus far, my journey has been a roller coaster. At this juncture, I feel more experienced thanks to the lessons through the odyssey. On the entrepreneurial front, there is a lot that I still need to achieve. I intend to switch my operational model from B2B to B2C and venture into retail.

As far as the writings are concerned, I’ve been a part of several anthologies and contests wherein my stories have struck a chord with the audience. Right now, I am working towards my cherished dream of penning my first book. So, yeah wish me luck!

I have been a part of several TV debates news channels including Zee News, and Sudarshan TV. I have also featured on various YouTube channels including Know The Nation and The Rajdharma. I intend to continue working with more vigour, zeal and integrity and that’s the concrete future plan as of now.

After handling and playing the roles of motherhood and entrepreneurship I have come to realise the value family, friends and dreams equally. One should never stop dreaming and striving hard enough to make their dream a reality! I swear by the proverb, “They buried us. They didn’t know we were seeds.” I’ve learnt to be the seed.  

I would like to end on the note, bloom, no matter where you are planted!”


To get in touch with Saksshi, or to follow her works and buy/inquire about her many professional works, follow the links below:

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