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When You Believe That Patience is The Key To Success ~ A Mechanical Engineering Professional & An Author Shares His Journey

Jack Kerouac, says,

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”

In our #WisdomWednesday blog focusing on the #MarvelousMen segment we bring to you a man who believes in telling simple yet gripping stories. Meet, Mechanical Engineering Professional and Author, Neelabh Pratap Singh. Besides doing a regular corporate desk job, Neelabh has managed to author two books, both of which have been very well received. What made him choose these two varied fields of work and how does he manage between the two? Let’s find out in his own words.


“I am a mechanical engineer by profession and I have work experience with big names like Superbike manufacturers. However, I was always a passionate storyteller and I still cultivate my passion of storytelling. When I was a kid, I used to sketch comic books on my notebook, color them with crayons and offer them to my friends to read. There would be Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Dinosaurs, and all the fantastical things an adolescent mind could imagine. But as I grew up, I left sketching comic books as it seemed childish to me. And most importantly I got myself into, like thousands of other youth of India, the rat race of engineering. I kept my passion of storytelling dormant for many years until I got into my first job and started reading books – as an escape to the mundane and strenuous corporate life. It was that time when my passion of storytelling was reignited, and I decided that writing could be the thing through which I can relive my passion.

The struggle was in getting started as a writer and trusting myself to write well. I had never written anything creative in my life; poem, short story, nothing. The passion was there but skills were lacking. So, I started devouring books, analyzed the books of bestselling authors, both the storytelling technique and writing style. Parallelly, I began writing short stories on blog and online portals. I also started working on my first full-fledged novel. It took me two years to finish my first book and I thought I’ve won the battle. But soon I realized that finishing a book is only half the job done. It was after this I realized how brutal the publishing world is. I had sent my manuscript to all the literary agents and publishers but most of them didn’t respond. The very few responses that came, were the rejection emails.

The turning point came when the much well-known online short story portal,, on which I used to write short stories, contacted me and offered a publishing deal for my first book via their new publishing venture.  That gave me my first break in the world of publishing.

My biggest motivation is the passion of telling unique and gripping stories that propels me to churn out new books. I read a lot to keep myself motivated, and I try reading a variety of authors. Some authors whose work has inspired me are Steve Berry, George RR Martin, Mary Burton, Lorethe Anne White, among many others.

The journey so far has been gratifying. My debut book, The Resurrection of Evil, was launched at Hansraj College, Delhi University by the erstwhile Special Commissioner of Police – Law and Order, Mr SBK Singh.

Pi Agency, a novel based on woman private detective has received an encouraging testimonial from real life woman private detective, Ms Taralika Lahiri, who runs a top private detective firm in Delhi.

The most important thing I learnt in my journey as an author is that patience is the key.

We spend endless hours and sleepless nights for bringing our ideas to life and as artists we are very excited to show our craft to the world as soon as it gets ready, but the key is to give this craft some time, revisit it, carve it, and chisel it over and over again.”


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