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With Love, Forvever by Kavya Janani

Book Blurb:

The vibrant 11th grader Bhavana had never believed that love was a powerful force until it happened to her – for the first time, towards a stranger who was as different from her as could be. A Tamil girl from a privileged background suddenly finds herself head over heels for a Marwari textile shopkeeper, Jairam, a stranger she knew precious little about. In the world that is just at the cusp of the technology boom, Bhavana’s love story takes baby steps, with support from her friends amidst their dubious questions. But before it has a chance to develop into a full-fledged relationship, Jairam disappears without a trace. Her desperate searches on the fledgling social media giving no results, Bhavana has no means to contact him or even assure herself of his well-being. Six years and a few life-altering experiences later, Bhavana embarks on a journey to the Pink City, Jaipur, in search of Jairam. Armed only with five love letters devoid of any personal identification details, she travels 2185 kilometers in search of answers, closure, and a lost love. Will her subsequent heartbreaks have changed her as a person? Was her love towards Jairam going to be tested? Would she know the answers she was seeking, and if she did, would she like them?

Genre: Fiction/Romance

Pages: 402

Price: 49 INR/$2.99

My Ratings: 4.2/5

“Forgetting someone you truly love is really impossible.”

Centered around the above quote and theme, ‘With Love, Forever’ is a love story that makes you in believe in the ‘destined to be together’ kind of couples. Bhavana and Jairam’s love begins in teenage and goes through a sweet journey full of unexpected twists and turns, and an almost unbelievable ‘getting back together’. Read this one for its innocence and to restore your faith in romance.

What I liked about the book :

-> The character growth of the protagonists, Bhavana and Jairam (especially Jairam)

-> Equal importance given to the plot lines of side characters

-> The weighing of compatibility and practicality against feelings and emotions

-> Friendship and love are both shown to be important in a person’s life

-> A story one can easily visualise as a movie, or hope to get converted into a movie or mini series

-> The throwback to all the letters at the end of the book (because these letters form the essence of the romance)

-> The innocence and sweetness of teenage romance which is well described and narrated

What I did not like about the book :

-> The flow gets confusing at times between the past and present (which is why the letters at the end are so essential)

-> Initially, Jairam comes across as a stalker (but he grows on the reader gradually)

-> SPOILER: Some parts were predictable for me (maybe because I’m a seasoned reader) for e.g I knew Jairam’s shop would be named ‘Bhavana’

All in all, a recommended read for lovers of romance genre. This one will take you down the memory lane of your first love, especially if that love led to a happy ending. 

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