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Short Stories by Ashwini Malhotra

Book blurb:

Through the course of our lives as we witness the happenings in our surroundings, the one problem that hits the hardest is how fast time passes by. In the current pandemic, due to the availability of excess time, we have been able to draw several conclusions about ourselves and the world around us. Through these conclusions we reflect on what has been and what will be. And in this thought provoking journey, when we truly discover our goals, we cross into the realm of bliss.

Genre: Fiction/ Short Story

Pages: 76

Format: Kindle

Price: 50 INR/$1.00

My Ratings 4.5/5

A short read with a lot of life lessons and things to think about, right from the way we talk to the way we behave and do things. I would recommend this to readers of all age.

What I liked about the book
–> The stories are slice of life which is my own style of writing.
–>Each story teaches us something.
–> My favorite one is Lights Off and Ghost Stories because they talk about death and how we treat this phenomenon as a society.

Quotable quotes:
–>Technology is meant to solve problems for humans, and if it doesn’t do so, its purpose fades away.
–>History is full of inconsistencies or conspiracies to brainwash generations to come, just like movies.
–>I don’t believe in ghosts but I do believe that are monsters that live in our society.
–>It’s not easy to have a dream and certainly not easy when you can’t afford it.
–> In Mumbai, maids are more important to housewives than their own family.

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