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How I Failed in Love by Samar Deep Singh

Book blurb:

A woman’s love is not a wine in a bottle….
It’s an elixir that rules the world !

Aryan, a whizz-kid from New Delhi has topped the reputed Engineering entrance exam with Rank no. 1 and he joins a top-notch engineering college.He met with Ananya at the college fashion show. She aspires to become a successful model.

Aryan got bowled over by Ananya’s hot drop gorgeous looks and nice as pie attitude. His seniors,batch-mates,friends and elder brother tried hard to advise and instruct him to have a successful ‘love affair’ with Ananya.

Still, he failed miserably fifteen times and he was unable to express the three magic words to her. In the meantime,Aryan helps Ananya to achieve the success. Also, he unravels the troubled past of her. It makes him unravel the true meaning of love.

What it means to be in a love affair.Could he find it?

Would he be able to solve the chinese arithmetic called love?

How did Uncle David as his Godfather help him in his endeavour?

Could he find the real meaning of love?

Which circumstances make him a rebel in Ananya’s love?

Genre: Fiction/Drama

Pages: 165

Format: Kindle

Price: 49 INR/$0.99

Ratings: 3.5/5

A sneak peak into engineering colleges and hostels. Meet, Aryan and Ananya, the protagonists of this cute story and how they meet and become close to each other during their engineering days. Their story perfectly defines the concept of ‘opposites attract’.

What I liked about this book:
–> It brings back those refreshing memories of college life.
–>How it makes us understand that rejection faced in love is not about conquering one person’s mind and owning them.
–> Gives a sneak peak into engineering students’ life in college and their hostels, some of which is quite a revelation for non-engineering people.

Quotable quotes:

–> Love empowers you… if not so, you are really not in love!

–>Loneliness tastes like wine, and it intoxicates the human mind in a similar fashion!

–>Love yourself first before getting lost in love.

–> Rejection never means denial. It means that one needs improvement.

–> The soul doesn’t have a voice of its own, but it speaks a lot when you are sad or heart-broken.

Buying details:

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