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Beyond The Blocked Doors by Manya Nigam

Book Blurb:

An Inspiring Tale of friendship, fate, forgiveness and love.

“What is fate? When the uncertainty of your life collides with your certain plans, it is called fate; and when you don’t give up, you magically defeat all the challenges and make a way towards your dreams.” Trisha is the daughter of a well-known business person, Keshav Desai. Her destiny brings her to a small town, far away from her Dad. After eleven years, she goes back to be with her father, where many unfolded truths are waiting for her. Once again, her fate leaves her with no other choices, except to make her life on her own.  Trisha’s life could not come back on track if her best friend Tejas were not in her life. Tejas is a sensible guy and Trisha’s childhood friend. His dreams are like every middle-class guy’s dreams. One incident of his life makes him more possessive and protective about the people around him. It is the journey of Trisha’s struggles of surviving after her father’s sudden demise. It is a journey of Tejas’ dreams of always being with Trisha.

Genre: Fiction/Drama

Format: Kindle/Paperback


  • Kindle: 49 INR/$2.99
  • Paperback (available only in India): 225 INR

My Ratings: 4/5

A story with many life learning lessons

This is not a conventional or out and out love story, which is what I liked the most about it. I’d recommend this one to all those looking for some positivity and motivation during the tough times in their lives.

What I liked about the book:
—> It talks from both protagonist’s point of view.
—> Teaches never to give up or stop believing in oneself and one’s skills even when all things seem to be going wrong in life.
—> The fact that the female protagonist finds her own way and becomes an assertive as well as fiercely independent on her own.
—> Never once is the step mom called out or portrayed to be a typical vamp type ‘other woman’. In fact this is highlighted with the female protagonist PoV that they’re just two very different women.
—> The way the female protagonist wisely gets out of an uncomfortable work assignment.

What I did not like about this book:

—> Tends to become monotonous at times.

—> The female protagonist appears to be self-centered and annoying on few occasions.

Quotable quotes:
—> If you are born to be limitless, no limits can bind you.
—> If you are doing something against your wish, you could hurt your confidence. So before taking any decision, don’t forget to listen to your heart.
—> There is a difference between stepping out of your comfort zone and doing anything to satisfy other’s expectations.
—> Friendship is the least complicated and the most beautiful relationship in the world.
—> Don’t let the opportunity pass on just because you are scared of taking a risk.
—> It’s not always necessary to be physically available to support someone. You can be their emotional pillar as well.

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