Best Literary Magazines and Online Platforms For The Fiction Lovers & Writers in India

W. Terry Whalin says,

“Publishing in magazine is an under-used route for authors to reach readers. As a former magazine editor, I understand the power of reaching the audience…With one article, I have reached millions of people.”

Before being a writer, I was a reader. And if not for my love of reading, my professional title might have been completely different. I have been a voracious reader from the age of 12. How do I find my next best read? Well, besides the conventional route of word-of-mouth, I now also rely on book reviews and recommendations. One of the best sources for reviews are literary magazines or rather webzines/e-magazines.

Besides, reviews these webzines are a great source of catching up on what’s happening in the world of literature and writing. And, if you’re a writer yourself, you could become part of the contributing or editorial team yourself. How awesome would that be, right?

Here are 5 (Indian) such webzines that are most popular and my favorite!!

1. Sharing Stories

From writing contests to author interviews and book listings, the Sharing Stories webzine offers great content for both readers and authors, plus upcoming writers. They put out a free e-magazine every month, which features interviews with authors, shares book recommendations and has theme based stories and poems chosen from the submissions they receive regularly.

2. Muse India Magazine

In their own words, “Muse India is a freely accessible non-commercial site, for promotion of Indian literature. It is run on voluntary work of several writers. Established in 2005, it is a bi-monthly magazine”.

They have some of best fiction and poetry pieces and their book reviews have helped me find some of my favorite reads in the past few years.

The Bombay Literary Magazine

One of the best sources for curated fiction and poetry, TBLM is a top pick for free access to best stories and poems curated carefully by their keen editors.

Some of their stories and poems have made it to all my time favorite reads in the recent past.

eFiction India

This is probably the only literary magazine available in multiple formats viz PDF, Mobi, Epub and print too! Unlike the others on the list (which are free to acess and subscribe), this one has a subscription charge though (which I believe is totally worth it)

Helter Skelter

Besides a lot of varied free content (book reviews, interviews, short fiction and features) which is available on their website itself, Helter Skelter India has also put out 6 anthology volumes (paid) with the aim ‘to promote emerging writers; to create a space for original, fresh short-fiction, poetry, and in India’

So, go follow/subscribe to these amazing magazines! If you’re reader, you’ll enjoy the varied content they provide. If you’re writer, go ahead and contribute to join their team of content makers!

Here are links to the websites of all magazines listed above:

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