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When You Believe in The Theory of Constant Learning and Growing ~ A Pediatric Dentist & Decor Enthusiast Shares Her Story

Ernest Barbaric says,

“Create. Not for the money. Not for the fame. Not for the recognition. But for the pure joy of creating something and sharing it.”

In our #FridayFeature blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment, we’re proud to present a creator who does dabbles in multiple professions for the joy of it. Meet, Dr. Eera Paul, who is a Pediatric Dentist by profession and a Décor Enthusiast at heart. She is a Consultant Pediatric Dentist in a corporate dental chain, and she also pursues her love for décor via an online platform by the name of Eera_Expression of Love.

How does she manage between these two varied professions over and above her personal life responsibilities? Let’s find out in her own words.


I am Dr Eera Paul, Pediatric Dentist by profession and a décor enthusiast at heart, residing in Mumbai. I have always been an ambitious girl with the quest to excel in whatever I dreamt of personally and professionally. I belong to a very well-educated family of doctors and engineers. My decision to pursue medicine came from the fact that my sister is a doctor, MD Phd and my brother-in-law is MD too. I was the first one in my family to study dentistry. I did my graduation BDS from one of the most prestigious colleges in India. After my BDS, I joined CMC as a resident. The universe conspired my wish to pursue my masters MDS in Pediatric Dentistry. After completing my MDS, I joined Axiss Dental as a Consultant Pediatric Dentist and was a visiting consultant in two of their branches.

My research papers are published in many national and international journals. I have also actively participated in workshops and presented my research papers in International Pediatric conferences. I am registered on portals for online consultation. In 2014, I got married and shifted my base to Mumbai and am currently working as a Consultant Pediatric Dentist in a corporate dental chain in Mumbai.

The process of becoming a doctor meant unending hours of studies and commitment (12 years). Being surrounded by people pushing their limits, it subconsciously became the new normal. Until one fine day, I met with an unfortunate accident, but I prefer to see it as a blessing in disguise. I had a bad fall resulting in coccygeal (tail bone) injury, which meant-bed rest for weeks & no patient consultations either.

During this time, I realized that besides treating patients and taking care of my erratic schedules, I didn’t have much to look forward to. Though I had achieved my biggest goal, I was regularly missing out on small joys of life. Unknowingly, in the race to become a doctor, my hobbies & passions had taken a back seat. I had been a ‘boiling frog’- heat had been rising so slowly that I didn’t even notice. This realization ignited a spark in me and I promised myself to be proactive, to live vividly, explore wholeheartedly and let the happy woman take charge of this life.

I took my most difficult decision to change my job from Regular to Consultant basis wherein, I could fix my own appointments, which freed up a lot of time that I invested in myself. I started meditating, reading, painting, gardening, and engaging in DIY’s. I did whatever I could to make my transformational change a joyful and pleasurable experience. During this time, I tapped into this dormant passion of home décor which I never really paid any attention to.

Once this epiphany hit home; home décor became my passion, I never really had to struggle to set my base on social media platforms. Everyone has always been generous enough to support and encouraged me to try new things and do better.

I am inspired and pleased by all things beautiful. Decorating my home is my way of expressing my creativity and that’s how my Instagram handle @eera_expressionoflove was born! When it comes to home styling, I am constantly arranging, rearranging and decorating my spaces. I personally believe that colors influence the soul so you will mostly see happy and vibrant colors in our home through art and décor.

I create digital content and share my ideas of home decor, DIYs, space styling, artworks through my social media handle @eera_expressionoflove on Instagram.

Whenever I look back on my journey, my heart is filled with content, happiness & gratitude. Also, I have met many likeminded people, who have now become good friends. It’s really overwhelming to see the positive response and love I have received through my online home décor passion project.

I have been blessed with a very caring and loving family. My love for plants and garden décor comes from my dad. My consistency and dedication of pursuing things is something for which I get inspired from by my mother.  I can never thank my husband enough for always encouraging me. Besides being my biggest supporter, he’s my biggest critic too.

Our home is a reflection of us and our inner selves. I am a true believer of the quote – “Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love”. We may have different thoughts but, when we come together, it turns out to be beautiful. That’s exactly what our home and interiors are; a Mélange of different things coming together and becoming beautiful yet comforting! So, when we say we are coming back home we are literally coming back to ourselves.

I believe in the theory of constant learning and growing. I learnt that while professional success is important, it isn’t the “Be all and End all” of life. It is also about those small joys that add meaning to big successes and make those achievements even sweeter.

The mantra that has always been with me and I hold it very close to my heart is


This is my story of transformation, where I don’t have to dread what I have to deal with on a daily basis. I get to go to bed knowing that the next morning will be good as here I am, living LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!

 Lastly, I would like to leave everyone with this thought:



To drop in a message to Eera, check out her work as a paediatric dentist and a home décor enthusiast follow the links below:

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Other professional and personal social media handles:

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